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What do I do if my car gets keyed?

We like to keep a tally in our workshop, on the causes of minor car body damage. Supermarket carparks score pretty high up on the list, as does reversing into your own gatepost!  700 more words

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Top Shelf Lifestyle At Bottom Shelf Pricing

From the moment I figured out what money was and what it was for, I vowed to beat the system. I don’t like to work.  Never did.   416 more words

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Combating GAS- Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Near as I can tell, a lot of us like to collect things. Lightsabers, Pins, Jerseys, Figurines, Model Kits, Guitars, Cameras, Snowboards, Make Up, Shoes, Bags, Jackets. 799 more words

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Should I Refinance to a 15-year Mortgage?

With mortgage rates falling and financial experts predicting an unstable future for the economy, lots of homeowners are rushing to refinance their mortgages to lock in low rates. 1,152 more words

Penny-Pinching in Strasbourg

In October, we took a little camping trip over to the Black Forest and spent a day on the other side of the border in Strasbourg, France. 777 more words


The Building Blocks of Personal Finance

Having the Cents to Thrive is accomplished by some very basic building blocks which lay the foundation for building the best version of life for yourself and your family. 281 more words

The Snowball Debt Payment Method: How to Strategically Eliminate Your Debt

We all know someone who is really good at spending money that they don’t have, and it may even be you. The problem is that it is no longer just a bad habit, but more like an epidemic. 848 more words

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