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D-Day: Top 10 Must-Watch WWII Movies & Mini-Series In 2018

On June 6, 1944, 74 years ago today, the Allies invaded Nazi-occupied France, landing on the beaches of Normandy in the largest seaborne invasion in history. 951 more words


Saving Private Ryan and the Moral Calculus of Human Life

[Note: Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan turns 20 this year.]

Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List are two sides of the same Spielbergian coin. 812 more words


June 6th D-Day

On June 6th, 1944 World War 2 changed course, eventually ending up with an Allied victory. The day had been anticipated for month and the date was kept as quiet without even the soldiers knowing when the real launch date was. 255 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

The problem of War and Video Games

In the ’98 war film Saving Private Ryan, Tom Hanks plays Captain Miller who is hunkered against a wall of sand, taking cover against machine gun fire. 1,092 more words


D-Day + 6

The entire time, I kept thinking of my Mom and Dad, and how distraught they would be when my body came home to be buried in the family plot next to grandma and grandpa. 502 more words

Reel Life #4: Ran, Saving Private Ryan, and It Follows

Despite having a long weekend, I didn’t get to see many films. This is mostly because I had to go into overtime with my latest game review. 1,271 more words