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Experiments in small batch onion seed cleaning

We grow scallions, scads, succession planting for continuous harvest throughout the season. Fresh scallions are amazing, delicious, they are easy to use, in everything. So we grow a lot. 504 more words

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5 Reasons Why You Should Save Your Seed

Saving seed has become an important part of my allotment practises this year and I’ve come to realise that It’s something everyone should be doing! Not only are seeds themselves such beautiful things to study close up, but the more you grow and preserve your seed, you are in turn developing the variety to become better adapted to your growing in your soil and micro-climate conditions. 972 more words


5 Skills To Learn To Start Homesteading

Homesteading is all about the skills. Somehow over time we have forgotten to pass on basic skills that great great great granny had. Below are my top 5 skills you should learn to start homesteading today. 655 more words

Captain Blue Beans?! (Thursday 19th October 2017)

Allotment life certainly throws up some surprises.  Good ones, I mean.  And at the most opportune times, turning disappointment into satisfaction and adding an extra edge to the adventure.  366 more words

Peas, Beans, Corn, Legumes And Grains

Full of (very tough) beans!

So, it turns out that if you wander off on holiday for the best part of 3 weeks in September, your runner beans get very, very stringy & tough. 582 more words

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Homestead Hustle:  Saving Seed Helps Reduce Costs

Here’s my latest addition to Homestead Hustle with Mother Earth News! The initial investment of purchasing seed for your produce stand garden can be hefty. Learn how to reduce that cost and multiply your initial investment by saving seed! 43 more words

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