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100 free KM’s

I love free stuff. Food samples at Costco, barely used hand me down clothes for my daughter, baking supplies my friend Laurie buys and then doesn’t use, the flu shot… I could continue, but you get the point. 389 more words

Personal Finance

The Insane Reason You Could Pay 50% More For Car Insurance

You probably figure that if you’re a bad driver and collect some fender-benders or speeding tickets in your DMV record, your insurance company is going to charge you accordingly. 462 more words

Here's a New Way the Ultra-Wealthy Are Hurting America

More than five years into an economic recovery, a lot of Americans still don’t feel like they’ve made up the ground lost since the last recession, never mind getting ahead. 423 more words

Why We're All in Big Trouble If Gas Prices Keep Going Up

The lower gas prices Americans have been enjoying for the past several months were supposed to boost consumer spending and get the ball rolling on more robust economic growth. 407 more words