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The Insane Reason You Could Pay 50% More For Car Insurance

You probably figure that if you’re a bad driver and collect some fender-benders or speeding tickets in your DMV record, your insurance company is going to charge you accordingly. 462 more words

Here's a New Way the Ultra-Wealthy Are Hurting America

More than five years into an economic recovery, a lot of Americans still don’t feel like they’ve made up the ground lost since the last recession, never mind getting ahead. 423 more words

Why We're All in Big Trouble If Gas Prices Keep Going Up

The lower gas prices Americans have been enjoying for the past several months were supposed to boost consumer spending and get the ball rolling on more robust economic growth. 407 more words

This Will Change the Way You Use Your Visa Card Forever

This is one of those tech advances that are simultaneously cool and disturbing. Visa is adding a feature to the smartphone apps of member banks that lets banks know when a customer is traveling. 223 more words

If You're Going to Buy a Car, Do It Now

Financing a car — especially if you have good credit — has never been this cheap. Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this, though. 507 more words

Americans Are Optimistic About the Economy Again

The days might still be short and gray in much of the country, but when it comes to money and finances, Americans today have a sunnier outlook than we have in a long time. 389 more words

Why You Should Never Buy Stuff When You're Sad

If you lose out on a plum assignment or get passed over for a promotion, your first tendency might be to head to the mall or click over to Amazon for a pick-me-up in the form of some discretionary splurging. 349 more words