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MCN hints & tips

So after being in a high of last fortnight a shop coming in at $201, I was a bit dissapointed at this fortnights being $255 plus we still have to get dog food. 527 more words

Money Saving

Walmart Grocery

We all have to do it, but some of us DREAD it.  What am I talking about?!

Grocery Shopping

If you haven’t heard about Walmart Grocery, then you NEED to take a couple of minutes to read about it because it is absolutely AMAZING!! 601 more words


$201 shop!!

The groceries you’ll see in my profile picture were all up… $201!

after becoming a Stay At Home Mum after baby number 2 (apart from working for 6 months for the bank to be happy and us to be able to buy a house – that’s a blog post I’ll do another day), I decided I wanted to help us to save as much as I could and to show our kids the happiest life we could, with them appreciating the small things and knowing that everything in life does come at a cost. 316 more words


The fragility of self belief as a publisher, as a writer, as a human being

I’m proud of my books.  I put a lot of myself into them and edited them.  Edited them HARD.  That takes balls.  I’m pleased with the reception the Saving Time has had.   465 more words

In Three Days I Will be Thirty

In 3 days time I am going to be 30.  The idea is that people approaching 30, especially women, can be a bit touchy.  I don’t really get that.   641 more words

Ten Top Productivity Hacks!

In the modern era life is fast and only getting faster.  This could be due in part to increased expectations on the part of industry translating to other areas of our lives, now even encroaching on private time.   1,310 more words

Note To Self

“Every moment spent planning saves three or four in execution”

Crawford H. Greenewalt

Note To Self