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What is Practicing?

I honestly would love to start talking right away about my current experiences in learning new repertoire, but there are so many things that need explaining before I can do this. 1,279 more words


Achieve Your Skin Care Goals by Developing Ingredient Awareness

Not everyone loves skin care, and not everyone cares about skin care. And many of the people who don’t care for skin care insist that those of us who do are deluded, that “none of it works. 1,926 more words

Best Practices

Goodbye Pesach 2015, but thinking about next year...

Pesach may be over, but there is always a lot to do to put it all away and go back to our usual routines. My husband and I spent most of the morning finishing the dishes, bringing our Pesach stuff downstairs, packing the leftover food away, and taking off all the odds and ends from Pesach (the signs, counter coverings, etc.). 884 more words

Saves Time

The Beginning of a Journey and Introduction to Mental Practicing

On matters such as piano, music, teaching, and many other topics related to my life, I have realized that I almost invariably have a lot to say. 921 more words

Classical Music

This woman has worn the same outfit to work every day for THREE years

Meet Matilda Kahl. She lives in New York, is an art director at advertising firm Satchi & Satchi, oh yeah, and she has worn the exact same outfit to work every day for the past three years. 463 more words


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An excellent time saving idea. Reminded me of Steve Jobs and his black turtle neck uniforms. Just need to get other fashion conscious people in the office used to seeing you in the same thing every day. And maybe you'll even start a trend.


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share with you a grocery delivery service that was just brought to my attention this week that seriously helped me out.  365 more words

School Lunches


I’m big on packing lunches for myself, my husband and my children. Making lunches is far from my favourite chore but I feel better knowing I’m doing everything I can to ensure they have the best possible nutrition. 1,290 more words