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The fragility of self belief as a publisher, as a writer, as a human being

I’m proud of my books.  I put a lot of myself into them and edited them.  Edited the HARD.  That takes balls.  I’m pleased with the reception the Saving Time has had.   465 more words

In Three Days I Will be Thirty

In 3 days time I am going to be 30.  The idea is that people approaching 30, especially women, can be a bit touchy.  I don’t really get that.   641 more words

Ten Top Productivity Hacks!

In the modern era life is fast and only getting faster.  This could be due in part to increased expectations on the part of industry translating to other areas of our lives, now even encroaching on private time.   1,310 more words


Note To Self

“Every moment spent planning saves three or four in execution”

Crawford H. Greenewalt

Note To Self

Mini Motivators

Hey there, all!

Just trying to get my act together over here, today. How about you?

I realized I needed a little reminder of why I have some goals and another reminder on how to achieve them. 679 more words

53. Stove-Top vs Electric Pressure-Cookers

For those who often wonder what’s the difference between stove top and electric pressure cookers, I’ve researched it a bit and pass on some valuable info to you, via the link below. 498 more words


Join the challenge!

A few how-to’s and explanations on how to survive a spend-fast. Hope you’ll join me for this February’s Spend Fast Challenge!

This challenge will force you to clean out and use up what you already have and discover time and money you didn’t know you had. 30 more words

Tammy Lanham