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What should I make?

So, I need to go grocery shopping because I need to make food for next week but, I already have a few things at home that I’d like to use up first for meals and snacks. 101 more words

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10 Time Saving Tips for Email Management

Inbox Management of a never-ending stream of emails seems to be one of the biggest causes of lost time for business owners and if you are like most Mumpreneurs, you don’t have much of that!   1,384 more words

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Speed of Mind

A hundred years ago most people believed speeds above fifty miles per hour would make you go insane. Now we routinely fly five hundred miles per hour in jets and think nothing of it. 759 more words

Review: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Cream, + Springtime Day and Night Skincare Routine Building

I’m not normally a fan of single-line skincare routines, since they tend to be redundant and reduce opportunities for your skin to benefit from a wide variety of actives and beneficial supporting ingredients, but when I have a good experience with one item in a line, like, say, … 1,672 more words


Does the smartphone help to save time?

For every person in every time the day is made up of 24 hours. A prehistoric man, a Roman emperor, Bill Gates, you and me: everyone can exactly spend the same amount of time each day. 460 more words


Smart Skincare Shopping: Managing Skincare Product Expectations

There’s a predatory side to the beauty industry, a shadowy underbelly where cosmetics marketers reinforce societal pressures and exploit consumers’ personal insecurities to sell product. One way to deal with this ugly reality is to trust no one and side-eye everything…but I don’t have it in me to pickle myself in the salty brine of cynicism, and I don’t see the need. 2,059 more words

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5 Things You Can Do With Time You Save Not Grocery Shopping!

According to a report by the Time Use Institute, the average length of a grocery shopping trip is 41 minutes.

41 minutes in the store – not making a list, loading family in the car, driving from home, or any of the other things you have to do just to get to the front door.

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