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My 'wake my face up' travel makeup essentials 

With a long commute to work ahead, I have been trying to figure out ways of saving some time in the morning as sometimes that extra 10 minutes in bed is EVERYTHING (especially in the colder months). 248 more words


The Birth of Budget Groceries

Hello, my name is Enrico Fattori, co-founder of Budget Groceries, and this is the story of how this app was born.

I am somebody who loves to travel, I love to explore and visit new countries, however, I am 22, and thus my budget is tight. 304 more words

Looking for Ways to Save Time?

Me too.

Although—at first glance—I have spent this past week making slow haste in the pursuit of time-saving habits and activities.

First, there was the time I spent on the phone explaining to the phone company that I wasn’t going to pay their late fee because I had signed up for auto-pay and it was now… 416 more words



Forecast for the Week

Housing headlines will be a highlight of the week.

  • Regional manufacturing data from the Empire State Index will be released Monday followed by the Philadelphia Fed Index Thursday.
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Michelle Wickett

An Important Little Parenting Trick.

A lot can be done with very little.

As I’m re-building our relationship, I wrap my head around EVERYTHING I say, do or think around my daughter, because I want to rebuild as fast as possible AND put great things into her head that she can use on her own one day. 482 more words

Mental Success

We Choose What We Dream At Night.

After I began this entrepreneur journey, I’ve made deliberate choices about what I allow entering my head. I spend VERY little time socializing, or hanging out and limit that to VERY few people that I either have known for a very long time and/or have a positive effect on me. 680 more words

Mental Success


Hello you lovely lot,
Today I thought I would share my favorite dry shampoo with you so that you can benefit from it as much as I do. 352 more words