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2014 was to be the year I would attempt to work paperless as an athletic administrator.   However, one of the toughest hold outs for me was my continued practice of taking notes exclusively with pen and paper.   414 more words

Finding the Right Textbook.

I am a self proclaimed bibliophile. I have this almost insatiable urge to possess books. It does not matter if it’s an actual physical book or a tiny epub file. 689 more words


When You Need Someone's Attention, Skip the First Email and Just Follow Up

When emailing, most people write a letter and follow up with a second one if the recipient doesn’t respond. When you need to reach someone important and busy, you might what to skip that first email altogether. 295 more words


Little Things Add Up!

We are moving closer to Columbus in the coming weeks. Not far – just 15 minutes closer. My wife and I both drive the extra 15 minutes each way, each day, nearly every day of the year. 55 more words

whole grain pizza dough (reduced gluten)

When my children were little, we discovered this book at the library. It included a recipe for pizza dough in the back and we decided to give it a try. 526 more words

Working Moms Can Keep a House Clean Too

I was actually challenged to write up a Weekly Cleaning Schedule for the working moms after I published, Running a Tight Ship. So here it is!!! 70 more words

Creatively Homespun

I can do this stuff in my sleep.

Time is of the essence to the freelancer, especially when urgent work comes in at short notice Рand with a miniscule deadline attached to it. 414 more words