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August Room of the Month: Kitchen || Preliminary Design Ideas ||

When we moved we weren’t really planning on moving at all, let alone purchasing a home. But the Good Lord spoke, and we listened. We are so excited about our first home purchase and I’m sure it can end up being VERY easy to get lost in the sea of updating that we would like to do. 425 more words

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Bitter Gifts: Meditations on Using Your Time

There’s something bracing and just a little bit wistful about the sticky thick of summer.

It makes me think, inevitably, about time, and how fast it passes. 964 more words

Erin J. Bernard

Free up Your Time: Using Notifications throughout your Rental Business

Keeping track of things that you need to know about, you need to remember and that you need to tell other people about can be an enormous drain on your time. 508 more words

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Shopping with Fiddy! Put Together a Simple (or Starter) Asian Beauty Routine with Amazon Prime

If you’re just getting into Asian skincare through the coverage it’s been receiving in the Western media, you may be feeling really overwhelmed. It’s all too common for articles about K-beauty to emphasize the  2,831 more words


Free up Your Time: Automation in your Rental Business

These days the one thing that no-one ever has enough of is Time!  For all we continue to develop new gadgets, technologies, ever more efficient ways of working, time is still the greatest enemy within your business. 581 more words

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Our Top 5 Day-Timer Tips

Here are our top 5 Day-Timer tips that Day-Timer users love! Implement them into your schedule and in your Day-Timer for a simpler look at your to-dos, schedule, and goals! 105 more words

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Unintentionally Comedic - Apple vs Microsoft

Kids are crazy, work is demanding, and I just don’t have the time for high maintenance computer swag anymore, so my Apple and Microsoft devices are always behind in updates. 628 more words