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Make Immediate Savings On Those Home Bills

For a lot of us, we only truly see how much we’re spending when we decide to put together a budget. We might think that we’re doing well and then suddenly realize just how much we’re spending on standard household bills. 535 more words


Drabble: Rescue Kiss

Genre: superpowers, fantasy

His words slurred in his exhaustion, but she didn’t need to hear the words to know what he wanted to say.

“Don’t be silly. 215 more words

Creative Writing

The Two Realms

Rescue me from here
Where the skies are too blue
And the water too clear
I feel too impure here

Take me away somewhere
Where light merges to a monochrome… 58 more words

Get Your Mortgage Paid Down Faster With These 5 Simple Money Saving Strategies

The monthly mortgage payment can be burdensome for many, but it’s possible you’ve thought of trying to pay it down more quickly. Without getting a new job or working overtime, here are some tips you can use on a daily basis to save additional funds and pay off your mortgage at a swifter rate. 357 more words

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Caution - contains my dirty little (not) secret

24th February – World Bartender Day! 

Confession time.

I like money.

Like, I like like money.

Here’s the part where I can hear a chorus of voices going ‘Well we all like money, duh. 372 more words


Day 9 Savings: £223.36 Houston, we have a problem

Only £4.16 saved today. Yes it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve finally (finally!) done a run-through of the numbers – how much I earn, how much I spend, and how much I can save – and I’m afraid they just don’t add up. 339 more words

Saving Money

Top 11 Money-Saving Tips For Visiting London

Reblogged From VisitLondon.com

Squeeze the most out of your trip to London with our top money-saving tips. And the best bit? Many of these affordable options are way more fun than pricey alternatives! 737 more words