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How A 30-Year Old Saving $100 A Week Can Retire With $648,000 By 65

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

This is the golden number that people should be aiming to save for their retirement. While it may not mean a luxurious lifestyle, this sum will provide for a relatively comfortable lifestyle in retirement. 846 more words

Money Matters

Should we (as a family) have Savings?

A lot of families struggle and over the past few years things haven’t been easy for us.  We used to have some savings but we currently don’t.   317 more words

Dogs are the best people

A few of my friends have recently being using AirBnB to sublet their spare room for some extra income.

As 2017 is all about saving coin and paying off debt, my wife and I have considered this an option. 544 more words

2016 and the Last 10 Years in Review -Money Fun During the Final Stages of the Journey to Financial Indepedence

This post will cover both our 2016 progress as well as a look at the last 10 years from a financial perspective.  I started tracking data more carefully 10 years ago so this is a perfect time to do a decade in review.   2,601 more words

Money Psychology

Blog update: Money saving plan for 2017

Well basically I haven’t done it!  Talked about it – yes, read books about cheap meals etc – yes, bought magazines with ‘cheap eats’ – yes, actually done anything about it – not really!  355 more words


£50 per month shopping challenge

Hello. My name is Nicola, and I’m a shopaholic.And I’m not even sorry!

I do however know deep down that it would be more sensible to save my money (for things like holidays, spa days and new houses…) rather than frivolously spending it all on shoes and handbags. 133 more words


Month 2: January 2017 - Possibly even more broke but we paid on our debt.

My husband (Mr. D) takes an annual trip in January and I still haven’t convinced him to put it on freeze while we pay off debt. 445 more words

Dave Ramsey