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A promotion and a raise at the church!

I found out today my boss at my church is leaving to return to school full-time. So she asked me if I wanted the job. I said yes! 80 more words

Personal Finance

Why do we struggle to save?

A couple of months ago, a townhouse in our neighborhood was listed for sale, so we began the process of getting pre-approved for a loan in the amount of $150,000. 1,117 more words


Budgeting (or not) for my Semester Abroad

When I arrived home on Christmas Day 2014, I had less than $50 to my name. It was to the point where airport check-in two days prior was nerve-wrecking because I didn’t have enough money to pay any excess baggage fees. 357 more words


इन 7 तरीकों से सेव करें पैसे और बनाएं एक बेहतर भविष्य

हमारी पूरी लाइफ पैसों पर चलती है, यही फ्यूचर और आज को दिशा देती है. आपके पास जितने पैसे होंगे उसी हिसाब से आपका और आपके घर का भविष्य तय होगा, लेकिन ये सबके पास खुद चल कर नही आते बल्कि लोग इसे बचाने के लिए पूरी प्लैनिंग करते हैं.

Saving Up for Quality Used Cars Near Baton Rouge Requires Discipline

Tax Day is just around the corner. Prepare to file and pay your taxes on time for big savings.

Saving up for a rewarding investment like a house or car takes a lot of dedication and discipline. 48 more words