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Here's to the jerk parent!

As I was driving around today, picking up new bikes for my kids I purchased from other people whose kids had outgrown them, I started to tear up hoping they’d like the bikes because their dad just went out and bought them each new $200 mountain bikes. 515 more words


The French Press: frugal and smooth

In my post yesterday, I discussed my love affair with Starbucks. During my fasting analysis, I discovered that we had spent over $400 with Starbucks since January 2017. 404 more words


De-cluttering my wardrobe and making that moolah.

Lately I have been itching to find ways to earn more money outside of my regular job. I work as a waitress 4 days a week, and even though this job gives me enough money to live off and save a little each week, I have been frustrated with the slow progress of my savings goals. 255 more words

Mediocre investors can build wealth too

Holy cow! 1/3 of the year has come and gone. So how’s your portfolio doing?

I just wanted to share a great insight on investing prowess vs. 311 more words


7 Teacher Gifts With FREE Printables

Teachers are the unsung heroes of life. They put up with our kids all day, love and nurture them and teach them to become smart, responsible and kind humans. 543 more words


Apparently, we like to spend 💰

Over the last few days, I’ve fasted and analyzed and been shocked. We are not very thrifty people – I thought I might be somewhat but NOPE! 421 more words