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Side Hustle Spotlight - Introduction

Something that I think is important to recognise in your journey to be financially independent is that no-one got rich working for another.  You can be very well off with a high paying job, but as long as you are trading your time for money, you will never truly be rich.   257 more words


How to Survive Living in Toronto

CN Tower, Centre Island, Casa Loma, hipster coffee shops, Cabana Pool Bar…. all places I’ve still never visited? WHY? Because I’m on a budget. YAS. 601 more words

Great money saving tips!

Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started. It can be difficult to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals. 855 more words

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The dog years of compounding (in investing)

Albert Einstein dubbed compound interest the eight wonder of the world. It truly is when looking at the concept: investing money, earning interests/dividends/capital gains on investments, reinvesting said interests/dividends/capital gains/ thus earning more interests/dividends/capital gains. 249 more words


Buy Nothing Update: New Job!

I officially started a new job this week! I’m working as the receptionist at the Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute in downtown Seattle. Consequently, I have to wear nicer clothes compared with my past jobs which were either in warehouses or with kids. 507 more words

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Spaten time

I found this Spaten wall medallion this week and I’m not entirely sure what to think of it – nor am I entirely sure what it is. 14 more words