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A guide to the best and worst veterans charities

Where is your veterans charity money going?

CharityWatch.org keeps an eye on the best and worst veterans charities you can donate to on behalf of the brave men and women who have worn our nation’s uniform. 433 more words

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How to Buy a House Series: Applying for a Mortgage

Now, things get real. Applying for a mortgage comes after you find a house you love and can afford, and the seller accepts your offer. You must first find a lender you like. 162 more words


Saving rate increased, what does it means for you and your business

I opened my Barclays saving account this morning and wow. The rate went up to 1.65% I know this is nothing to brag about but Hey, it’s better than 0.0005%.  379 more words


Practical Money Tips for a Yuppie Millenial (Is that you?)

This morning, as I was preparing for my day and having my breakfast, I grabbed my mug of steaming hot coffee and brushed through the newspaper for some interesting news articles (not all articles catch my attention, especially the nasty ones like political bouts and dramas). 587 more words


Kenapa unit amanah?

Salam sejahtera…

Unit amanah atau ‘unit trust’ merupakan satu nama yang tak asing dikalangan kebanyakan masyarakat.

Tetapi kenapa masih ada yang mengatakan unit amanah ni merupakan instrumen simpanan yang kurang baik sedangkan ramai yang pernah menikmati manfaat keuntungan yang lumayan dari unit amanah ini? 466 more words

$ave the Money

Its always a hit or miss for me when it comes to saving money! Im stuck on living the good life where I wanna splurge YOLO (you only live once) when ever I get extra money. 124 more words


How to save money when you’re a fashionista: My guide to not overspending on clothing and accessories.

When you love fashion it is very easy to get swept up in trends and spend a lot of money on clothes that you will no doubt wear only a few times, perhaps only once, after which the dresses and outfits you shelled out big bucks for sit in your wardrobe unworn because they don’t fit into the next season or they were not “wearable” clothing. 2,684 more words