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The Importance of an Emergency Fund

I’m sitting here at 3:30 in the morning listening to podcasts and doing some reading and began thinking about emergency savings. I know right? Pretty boring subject! 1,335 more words

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My Money Saving Tips! 💰

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I am going to share with you my money saving tips! I have always been pretty good at saving money and I was tested with this holiday coming up for sure! 852 more words


Let’s Check Back In With Our Artist Friend, or Why Inflation Sucks

Those of you who have been following us for over a year might remember “A”, our mysterious artist friend who made only $700/month, but who also found a way to set herself up for a luxurious retirement in the future. 630 more words

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The break room was fairly empty when Emie started her lunch. But as noon became twelve thirty the men from acquisitions began to gather around the vending machines.

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10 Money Saving Tips

Here are my top ten favorite money saving tips. I am not a financial guru–I just know what works for my family. Tell me in a comment what you do to save money! 668 more words


Zero Waste - Tip #1

So here we are, the start to hopefully a clutter free rubbish bin!


So its probably a pretty common Tip. But you make pretty much everything from scratch, yoghurt, almond milk, coconut butter, bread, even lentils and beans don’t just come in cans. 254 more words


Retirement planning mistakes- part 2

In part 1, we examined 5 common retirement planning mistakes. Here are a few more:

mistake # 6: not investing

Saving is not enough. The most you can earn by leaving your money in a Canadian high interest savings account is 2%. 252 more words