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10 tips: how I saved €11,200 in a year

I opened my Member’s First Credit Union savings account a whole year ago today, between getting my Leaving Cert results and (finally) getting my Midwifery offer. 812 more words

The Case Against Automatic Payments

Saying that you’re against automatic payment in the world of personal finance definitely makes one an outsider. Most personal finance bloggers or advisers will tell their audiences to set up automatic payments. 580 more words

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12 Free Apps to Help Your Budget

Smart phones are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. In 2016 people downloaded 17.2 billion apps worldwide. That’s about 47 million apps a day! 1,081 more words

Allowances: To Pay or Not To Pay

Paying your children an allowance has been debated for a very long time. Both sides have valid points but we decided to use paying an allowance as a chance to teach our children about money and responsibility. 624 more words


8 Tips for a Budget Friendly Move

The summer after I graduated High School I, like so many people in that age group, moved out of my parents’ house and started college. This was not my first move, we did plenty of that when I was a child, but it was the first time I had to do the planning, the packing, and the paying for a move. 810 more words

Cash Back Queen

As much as I hate spending, it’s a necessary evil. Before I moved further away from the city and before I was married, I had fewer expenses and less variables that were determining factors in my spending habits. 497 more words

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College Bound? Here Are Some Savings Tips!

First thing to do is look at a list of suggested items. Most schools provide them, if not here are some basic items:

 Linens (check school’s bed dimensions) 371 more words

Debit Cards