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A Sensual Home

A Sensual Home
by Michael Romani

It is a quiet conversation
Meant as an inspiration
A dialog on access of space
Living displays of the human race

It is a touching of hearts
In all of its curious parts
On what brings us comfort
And what does not comport

A sensual home 
Is lived in an a-ha moment
Where a body is its own
Choosing dwellings that are meant

As a sort of three dimension
Balance between place, mind and body
Where the mood and light intention
Bring this to home for you and me

A thought out but informal place
That turns the key of our trace
Making the temporal our home
Waking comfort in our bones

A disguised veil over the complexity
It brings smiles in its simplicity
A blurred taste of gastronomy
A savoring that spills into family

Translating by purposeful design
Crafted in identities we refine
In our way back to our connection
An interior designed in its direction

Both hands speaking to each other
Artist hearts connecting to another's
This is as a living intention
Softly spoken in barely a mention

(c) July 22, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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