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Straight From the Heart

Y’all. Here’s are some of my thoughts, which are yes, straight from the heart–cue Bryan Adams.

Staying in the hospital for more than a night or two is… 886 more words


30 Restaurants: Mr. B's Bistro & Galatoire's

November and December eating was in the French Quarter, which I rarely do because of how annoying it is to get to with parking and now the Bourbon Street construction. 441 more words


30 Restaurants: Compère Lapin & Casamentos

In October I hit up a couple more restaurants on my list.

Compère Lapin

Everyone’s been talking about Compère Lapin and its chef, Nina Compton, and since she’s a WOC, that sealed the deal on my going. 707 more words


One Little Word 2018

Happy New Year! Last year, instead of making a list of resolutions, I decided to choose one word to direct my year and goals. My one little word for last year was DISCIPLINE, and I don’t feel like I did a very good job of being intentional and focusing on the word and what it meant like I should. 356 more words


In writing this blog post I am resisting the urge to jump ahead and tell you about the word I’ve chosen for 2018 (that blog post will be coming in early January). 527 more words

Advent 12.19.17

God, I feel the season speeding ahead

And the temptation to get swept away with it.

I’m inclined to hold my many to-dos tightly in my hand,

and I feel time is more of a competitor than a friend. 43 more words

Savor & savory

12/5/06 Our Father, as we stand and bow our heads in prayer, hear again our thanks for this day and our fellowship here this hour. And as we anticipate the joy of Christmas help us with our busyness – remind us to pause and savor what we celebrate. 117 more words