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The Foodie Guide to Carnival in Emilia-Romagna

Traditionally, Carnival was a time to party and to indulge before the 40 days of fasting and penitence leading to Easter. For this reason, sweets abounded during this time: they were simple yet tasty, and usually fried in lard (now mostly replaced by oil, less heavy and fat). 498 more words


National Hot Breakfast Month

It’s not very cold in Troy, Alabama right now (knock on wood), but that’s no reason not to celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month. When I get out of bed and my dorm room’s A.C. 479 more words



Hearts drums need no drummer to beat
Thrum the pulse of life, coursing
Like hounds after hare
Ranging across the rolling hills
Of life
Explore the world… 23 more words


Slices of Life: Lessons Learned While Eating My Way through Italy

Back when I was an undergrad, I took a course called Mediterranean Food and Culture. The course turned out to be one of my favorite courses at Syracuse University. 963 more words

Mindful Eating

Dear home

Eh, dear home (food),

Bless the hands that make you, the adobo that seasons you, the pot that warms you, and the human that is thankful for savoring you. 55 more words

Pressing "Play" Instead of "Fast Forward"

Sleeping through the night, rolling over, sitting up, eating solid foods, crawling, talking, walking, potty-training, riding a bike, tying shoes, starting school… we move through our children’s childhood with eyes forward. 526 more words


4th Annual Beer Holidays Calendar 2017

Well hello there 2017! It’s back again – the one and only beer holiday calendar. Find all your favorite celebrations throughout the year in one place. 357 more words