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When life give you lemons...make curd...and then make a pie

A fellow dancer brought two large boxes of citrus to one of our last rehearsals of 2016: meyer lemons and oranges. I’m not a huge citrus fan; my husband on the other hand will eat 2-3 oranges at a time, and since he was sick at the time, I loaded my bag with oranges. 1,022 more words


A "savour" update

I was looking for the definition of the word savour that would best exemplify what it means to me as my Word for the Year for 2017. 611 more words



Happy New Year, dear readers and friends! I spent New Year’s Eve with an at-home hotpot session: six of us bumping elbows around the coffee table in our living room (the dining table had been taken over by what appeared to be the entire produce section of our nearest Chinese supermarket) while  1,078 more words


It's time to savor

Some folks “put” Christmas in and out quite quickly.

I think of it a bit like opening an umbrella…

‘Wah-Lah’ it’s up,…


it’s down and done. 243 more words

My Thoughts

Seeing my Former Self

I was standing in at the grocery store register, trying to entertain my 1.5-year-old to just get through the last 5 minutes of the errand without a meltdown. 497 more words


Tortellini Recipe (And a Bit of Tortellino History)

As I write this post, I’m only a few hours away from the big ‘pranzo di Natale’ – and of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas in Bologna without… 798 more words

Food & Drink

Needing to Break the Routine

It’s 5:30am. My littlest, who cosleeps from his nighttime wake-up until morning, is half-asleep nursing. I feel my 5:45am alarm approaching: stress!

Knowing I would remain fully awake now and not wanting to disturb my husband or nursling, I turn off my alarm carefully trying not to disturb my littlest.  249 more words