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Savor Software Technology!

by juhansonin
No computer users in the home, business and corporate world would have ever imagined that the productivity suite introduced in newer and more advanced versions over time would turn out to be so effective, so simple, so user-friendly, so fast, and so user-oriented. Yes, Microsoft…

Learning The Correct Way To Eat

Eat ONLY when hungry…STOP eating when satisfied…put your fork,spoon,or food down between bites…savor each mouthful of food…chew,chew,chew,taste,feel,chew,chew…eat the foods you want to eat…What do you crave? 64 more words


Enjoy Each Bite

Use the hunger scale & the emotional scale to decide if you are hungry & ready to eat. If you are…choose what you want to eat…if that’s a double cheeseburger & fries,make it your choice. 119 more words


Breath Deep

Breathing in Grace,


This is day 1 of a 31 day series. Click image to go to the series home page.



September 30, 2015.  I’m always startled by questions such as “What do you mean by mindful poetry?” and “How do you start a poem?”  Perhaps this poem can serve as answer.   141 more words


One of Those Days

It has been one of those days. Lately everyday has been one of those days. I don’t know how to get off the merry-go-round. Have you ever put something off, you know, didn’t do something or fix something simply because you held onto the silliest belief that the problem would just go away? 261 more words


Savoring family

Webster’s definition numbers 9 and 10 under the word savor:

‘to perceive by taste or smell, especially with relish

‘to give oneself to the enjoyment of:  60 more words

Family History