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Recipe for Savory alarita Avocado Spread for Wraps or Salads

I wanted to share with you a recipe for a savory avocado spread for wraps of salads. It only takes a few minutes to make, and it adds so much flavor to an otherwise kind of boring wrap. 493 more words



Mexican rice to me is essential. It is a meal within its self. It is pretty much like cooking regular rice but instead of using water you use a thin broth made from tomatoes, onions and garlic. 45 more words

Savory Food


Birria is a stew made traditionally made with goat or sheep. The whole process takes hours from start to finish because a whole goat is used. 53 more words


Garbanzos Verdes

Garbanzo verdes are baby chickpeas that have been picked at the peak of their freshness. They look similar to a pea in color and in size. 82 more words


Kabocha Pumpkin

If you’re a foodie, chances are that you’ve heard of kabocha (カボチャ) “Japanese pumpkin.” But even people who aren’t foodies can appreciate this creamy, sweet winter squash. 739 more words

My Mole

Mole is one of my favorite dishes. It is a complex sauce that has a variety of  ingredients like chocolate, peppers and cumin. Mole can be thin or thick, red, dark brown, yellow or green, sweet or spicy, depending on the style (region) and the person that is making. 47 more words


Like a Sandwich but a Torta

What is it?

A torta is comparable to a sandwich, as far as structure goes.

Typical ingredients

For the most part tortas have the following ingredients excluding the meat option. 52 more words

Savory Food