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Shortie but Goodie: Tomato Butter

I recently heard of apple butter. Then I found out that apple butter contains no actual butter, and was a bit bummed. I will not do this to you. 229 more words


Bulung for Your Awesome Appetizer

Spending the holiday in Bali is the best choice, because Bali will offer unique things like culture, places, and food. Talk about food, Bali has more than one hundred traditional food. 193 more words


Tokoroten - The Crisp Taste of Summer

In Japan, the summer months are known to be hot and humid, so it makes sense that there are many different dishes made to help keep you cool in the summer weather. 813 more words

Tempura: The Japanese Fried Food With a Surprising Origin

Chances are if you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant you’ve at least seen tempura (天ぷら), fried foods usually served as a mixture of veggies and fish. 1,081 more words

Small Bites In Bulk For Your Next Big Party

Planning for a party is hectic. Whether a small gathering or for a group of 30-40 people, being the host for your friends can sometimes be overwhelming. 213 more words


A Recipe! Extremely More-ish Sausage Rolls!

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a pastry fiend. Sweet or savoury, I could eat the stuff all day, but I refrain as I would be the size of a house! 636 more words


Takoyaki - Japanese Street Food

Street food culture in Japan is booming; nearly everywhere you go you can spot a food cart packed with customers young and old enjoying any number of their delicious, easy to eat treats. 680 more words