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Giant Green Pie

This savory pie, called torta pasqualina in Italy, is many times made for special occasions because the preparation is a bit fiddly. The finished product, though, is impressive to behold, and you’re sure to draw compliments from your dining companions. 494 more words


Lets get ready for Pie Day!

Today is Pie Day. Why ?

Because March 14th : 03/14 : 3.14

So guess what’s for dinner for me tonight… 3,14 pies! …Kinda…

Here are my favorite pie recipes for 2017. 210 more words


Sweet Corn Zucchini Pie

HAPPY PI DAYYYY!! 3.14!!!! In honor of the holiday (and it falls on Tasty Tuesday which has to be so rare and lucky!) I wanted to share with you two of my favorite PIE recipes today! 308 more words


I have several fond memories of pi day and pies, both savory and sweet, and I thought I would share some links to some pie recipes in today’s post.

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Who Doesn’t Love a Good Pie?

Let’s talk about Pies. In the USA, we tend to think of pies as a fruit-filled delightful dessert, loaded with sugar and a flaky crust. In England, especially Restoration Era England, pies were often savory meals filled with meats and vegetables. 402 more words


hearts of palm pie @ Escola Wilma Kövesi de Cozinha


When we think about kids in the kitchen we often think about baking cookies or cupcakes, but preparing meals together can be just as much fun and entertaining for kids of all ages.  672 more words


(anne): shepherd's pie

here is something you should know about me…if a recipe doesn’t require exact measurements and precise technique for a successful outcome, (such as a filling for a pie), i tend to bend, break, and utterly disregard what the recipe author considers rules, and i regard as guidelines…all this to say, my shepherd’s pie from… 189 more words