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The Dummy Cook Project No #8: Quiche

Apa sebetulnya quiche ini?

Pencarian tentang Quiche ini dimulai ketika saya memiliki ayam cinc 314 more words

hearts of palm pie @ Escola Wilma Kövesi de Cozinha


When we think about kids in the kitchen we often think about baking cookies or cupcakes, but preparing meals together can be just as much fun and entertaining for kids of all ages.  672 more words


(anne): shepherd's pie

here is something you should know about me…if a recipe doesn’t require exact measurements and precise technique for a successful outcome, (such as a filling for a pie), i tend to bend, break, and utterly disregard what the recipe author considers rules, and i regard as guidelines…all this to say, my shepherd’s pie from… 189 more words


A Little Tree Pie for Christmas

Since my entries are so few and far between these days, I jump at any chance I get to cook a recipe from my “Plenty” cookbook! 385 more words

02 December 2016: Baked Mushroom-Polenta Pie (my way)

What happens when you can’t locate instant polenta in the market? You improvise!  I most definitely would try this one again after I locate the polenta; for this version, I used the rolls of pre-made polenta as the base and piled the mushrooms on top. 310 more words


Don't Mess with a Classic (Crust)

One of the challenges of making a monthly pie is that is it very easy to fall behind, especially as the holidays approach.  We usually stay on schedule, but occasionally we use a savory pie recipe as a chance to get caught up if we’re off schedule. 703 more words

Vegan Hand-Raised Meat Pies

Week Two: International Week

If you read the title and thought, “Hmm, someone’s been watching The Great British Bake Off,” you’ve got it! Steven and I spent the past few months binging on all seven seasons, and I’m so very sad it’s ended for good. 543 more words