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Zucchini Crust Tart with Salmon Recipe = Light & Healthy Cooking

My dear friend from high school days visited me from Charleston South Carolina a couple of weeks ago. She took a break away from her family, well, sorta’. 651 more words

Slow Food And Art In The Kitchen

Gentile bread pie

Yield: 1 pie

Active time: 30 minutes

Total time: 3 hours 30 minutes

This is a recipe from my godmother. You can make many substitutions, just remember to make a proper amount of bread dough, cook any greens/meat before adding, and assure the cheese is the first layer to go atop the bottom layer of dough (this is to prevent bubbling over). 238 more words

Aunt Julie

Summer Savory Pie

Nothing speaks to a cook like a bounty from the garden, so suffice it to say that I was more than excited when my friend, Annette, asked if I’d like to “pick the garden” during a recent visit to her and her husband’s beautiful hill country home.   322 more words


An ode to the Mughals – Chicken Rezala Tarts

The word ‘Moghlai’ that features prominently on so many restaurant boards back home conjures up images of a rich, heavy meal followed closely by Antacids, in many of us. 787 more words

Bengali Cuisine

Prosciutto, leek and egg Tart

On my lazy days, cooking could be an exhausting task to do. So I usually opt for something quick that doesn’t require a lot of work and time to make. 584 more words

Main And Side Dishes

Potato and Gouda Pie

Inspiration comes from anywhere really, especially in the kitchen- maybe it’s an elusive memory of Nan’s old stew and dumplings, rarities like Matt’s Aunt Marjorie’s chocolate and crushed potato chip clusters that she only makes at Christmas, or sometimes it’s seasonal like when Strawberry Rhubarb pie when the two are growing together for such a short time of the year… Or sometimes, you really just need to use stuff up- I would say we have a significant amount of potatoes kicking around that need to get used up (that seems to happen when you grow them- and don’t even get me started on carrots…). 677 more words


Pie Society

Hello, World! I apologize for my absence. Just got over some of the craziest weeks of my life, and if I wasn’t taking this afternoon off work, I probably wouldn’t have had time to blog for another week or so. 553 more words