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Wooden Saw Horse

Great vintage find by GREENHOUSEANDCOMPANY (250.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1MYyrA9

Daddy's New Invention.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  As you all know mummy and daddy have been busy collecting wood from over at Neighbour Luke’s farm.  Daddy has been chain sawing the bigger bits of wood into smaller pieces that are ready to be chopped up.  137 more words

Saw Bench Update

A little more done on the saw bench this weekend.  It is clearly going to serve as my go-to portable workstation.  I have several jigs in mind to add as regular features but, for now, I’ve started by making a brand new bench hook. 293 more words


Everyman needs to make one of these!

This is genius!  Why haven’t I ever made one of these?  Every rugged man needs a folding saw horse and should make it himself.  If you can’t whittle it from a toothpick then check out what this guy did. 11 more words


Washday blues and tales from our neck of the wood

Take a simple thing like installing a washing line. You would not believe that it has taken us nearly nine years to do this. But it has. 807 more words


Folding Saw Horse

Roped weight holds timber in place down to the last log, fully adjustable.

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