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The 2018 Leafminer Season Has Begun!

Today on a short walk in the woods behind my house, I found some leaf mines like these on bristly/swamp dewberry (Rubus hispidus): 790 more words

Why You Should Let Me Collect Bugs On Your Land With Impunity

Last year I posted some of my most interesting finds from the June 18 Berkshire BioBlitz on Mt. Greylock—at least, the ones that were most immediately visually interesting. 505 more words

June In The Garden

A month has gone by, time to check out what’s happening in the garden.

Sawfly Damage

We had lots of rain in May. I thought the slugs were eating my flowers. 326 more words

Taking A Ducking

So cottage season is back again and we are back into another year of adventures. Actually cottage season started a couple of weeks ago for us, but we have been busy with jobs getting set up for the season and I have not had time to post. 706 more words


Introducing Fenusa julia

The summer before last, Julia and I took a trip out to Colorado and some Midwestern prairies, partly to visit some friends and partly to fill in some gaps in our leafminer explorations (which had taken us all around the perimeter of the US, but had so far missed the whole area bounded by Ohio and California, South Dakota and Texas). 317 more words


Pest: Sawflies (Caliroa cerasi, Cladius difformis, Cladius difformis, Noediprion spp., Pontania pacifica, Hartigla cresseni)

Pest Type: Insect Pest

Major Identifying Features: Adult females have a sawlike abdominal appendage used for inserting eggs in foliage, adults have to pair of wings that are dark, wasp-like, flat insects, 0.5 inch long or shorter, six or more prolegs on the abdomen, one large eye on each side of the head… 114 more words

Herbivores and their plants

When herbivores consume their food plants, sometimes they just nibble a bit and there is little impact on the plant or on the consumer. Aside from that trivial outcome, there are two possibilities. 572 more words