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At the End of a Fern (Sawfly, Symphyta)

It looks like it’s staring down the gauntlet at me. Or waiting at the end of the gauntlet. Might have to name it “Monday.” 6 more words

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Tritrophic experiments with plants, herbivorous insects and birds – Part 6: Study about the attraction of birds to pines damaged by pine sawfly larvae

I will in this post tell about our latest publication. The title of that article is “The attraction of insectivorous tit species to herbivore-damaged Scots pines… 877 more words


Tritrophic experiments with plants, herbivorous insects and birds – Part 2: Herbivorous insects

After plants it’s time think about what herbivorous insects would be useful for a tritrophic experiment.

Species: The plant species of the experiment has of course an effect on the possible herbivorous insect species. 769 more words


Tenthredinidae (lode)

Rhogogaster viridis

Tenthredo mesomela


Tenthredinidae is the largest family of sawflies, with well over 7500 species worldwide. Larvae are typically herbivores and feed on the foliage of trees and shrubs, with occasional exceptions that are leaf miners, stem borers, or gall makers

Pamphilius betulae

Art (species): Pamphilius betulae
Gattung (genus): Pamphilius
Familie (family): Pamphiliidae – Gespinstblattwespen
Unterordnung (subordner): Symphyta – Pflanzenwespen – sawfly
Ordnung (order): Hymenoptera – Hautflügler
Klasse (class): Insecta – Insekten… 21 more words