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Sawfly Poll

This is your opportunity to take part in a short Sawfly Rifle Poll and be proactive in your support for our rifle project.

If you wish to be amongst the first customers to be able to make your purchase of a Sawfly rifle from the initial production run, please contact us direct at  87 more words

Day 514 Turnip sawfly / Rübsen-Blattwespe

This rather handsomely coloured insect is a Turnip sawfly (Athalia rosae). It is sometimes the most common sawfly to be found in certain areas of Germany from May to October. 103 more words



I found this creature on my fence, I have not seen one before in the area so of course had to take it’s pic. After searching online the closest match is to a Bottlebrush Sawfly even though they are supposed to be orange in colour and this one was yellow, it may be area difference not sure but he still looked colourful :)


A Face You Can't Quite Place (Sawfly)

Is it a wasp? Is it a bee? No, wait, could it be…an elaborate moth mimicking one of those? Actually, also no. Instead what we have is a sawfly. 106 more words

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Insect Leaders Benefit from Followers, and Followers Benefit from Leaders

Scientists in Australia have shown for the first time that when insect larvae follow a leader to forage for food, both leaders and followers benefit, growing much faster than if they are in a group of only leaders or only followers. 397 more words

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It's got to be Roses

After all the problems I have had this summer with sawfly on the roses and me giving the roses a good talking to, I think it has worked. 271 more words


Day One Hundred and Sixty: Large Rose Sawfly Larvae

(Sorry this isn’t quite in focus – I christened these Messrs Cleese, Barker and Corbett)

There was I, imagining you were munching on rose leaves in order to become moths or butterflies, and find you are incognito, not caterpillars, but larvae, firefly-wannabees in waiting, cousin to wasp and bee, yet neither, imitator of fly but not one, master of disguise and illusion, your mother chainsawed her way into the rose stem to give you a hidey-hole start. 74 more words

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