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Gums inflammation and bleeding after waking up during Sawm

Question: I suffer from gums inflammation, resulting in bleeding while talking, eating, drinking water, or even after waking up. Unintentionally, I swallow this blood that is mixed with saliva, being aware of the fact that swallowing one’s saliva is inevitable. 52 more words


Blood coming out of one's gum or nose during Sawm

Question: Does having nosebleed or a tooth extraction require making up one’s Sawm (Fast) for that day? If one has a tooth extracted at night after Iftaar (breaking the Fast) and it bleeds the next day, does this blood invalidate one’s Sawm? 45 more words


The bleeding from a wound during Ramadaan

Question: During the blessed Ramadaan, I cut my chin while shaving and there was some slight bleeding. What is the ruling?

Answer: This bleeding from a wound does not invalidate one’s Sawm (Fast) because it occurred unintentionally... read more here.


Breaking Sawm deliberately due to feeling extreme thirst

Question: When I was fifteen years old, i.e., after puberty, I broke my Sawm (Fast) on two or three days in Ramadaan because I felt thirsty, not being aware of the great sin in breaking one’s Sawm intentionally. 107 more words


Blood coming out of one's gum during Wudoo'

Question: While observing Sawm (Fast), I notice that my gum bleeds, especially while performing Wudoo’ (ablution). I wait until the bleeding stops and then I perform Salaah (Prayer); however, my gums bleed again while performing Salaah and the blood leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. 73 more words


Nosebleeding during Sawm

Question: I suffer from nosebleed, especially in hot weather, and sometimes during Istinshaq (sniffing water into the nose and then expelling it) for Wudoo’ (ablution), so I have to raise my head upwards and the blood goes into my stomach. 83 more words


Does donating blood during the daytime in Ramadaan invalidate Sawm?

Question: Blood donation during the blessed month of Ramadaan.

A- Does donating blood during the daytime in Ramadaan invalidate Sawm (Fast), particularly if we know that giving blood does not affect the fasting person and one can go on with daily life very normally? 311 more words