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Ruling on Fasting on Saturdays (Outside the Month of Ramadhaan)

Below is the translated text on the discussion of the ruling regarding Fasting (sawm) outside the Blessed Month of Ramadhaan by Sheikh Naasiruddeen al-Albaani and Sheikh Muhsin al-’abbad. 3,100 more words

سؤال وجواب (Question And Answer)

"A Believer Eats With One Part Of Seven" (Ramadan Prep Pt 2)


• The linguistic meaning of fasting is to abstain
• Fasting is Siyaam, verb is saama, yasoom (conscious choice not to involve one’s self in certain things) 487 more words


Breaking the Fast (Supplication)

Breaking the Fast

Or an alternate recitation,

[1] “English Translation of Sunan Abu Dawud”. Compiled by Imam Hafiz Abu Dawud Sulaiman bin Ash’ath. Darussalam.July, 2008.Vol 3, Hadith #2357 (Hasan), pg 131… 44 more words