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USPTO retires SAWS: will it have an effect on the USPTO's effort to screen out poor quality patents?

The USPTO’s recent announcement that it is retiring its Sensitive Application Warning System (SAWS) yielded mixed reactions from the patent community. While many noted that… 446 more words


A Special Pair of Saws

A couple of months ago, I saw the very saddening news that Stephen Shepherd, proprietor of the Full Chisel Blog, had suffered a serious stroke. 298 more words


Woodworking Project Update

Well, It’s been a busy few months so I haven’t had much time to post updates but I have some new, interesting things in the works that I wanted to share with you. 887 more words


SAWS? What SAWS? Nothing To See Here (Anymore), Folks...

In such a time as this, it helps to have a translator so that We The People can understand what just happened here.  Thankfully, IPTT is on the job with the PTT™ (Patent Troll Translator), which can be used not only to translate patent troll-speak, but USPTO-speak as well. 683 more words


Zeal to Finish His Purpose

When we find God’s purpose for us & accept it; He the Holy Spirit will fill us with the most powerful zeal to pursue it. Then we become responsible to hold ourselves accountable to our own progress report; for at the end of the road we worship & report to the One almighty God not mankind. 229 more words

Fab 2015

Case Solution for AB Sandvik Saws & Tools: The Ergo Strategy

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      AB Sandvik Saws & Tools: The Ergo Strategy

Authors :           Roderick E. White, Julian Birkinshaw… 101 more words


Flexible saws VS. Stationary saws. Who will win?

In a survival situation, you might need to cut something with a saw. Which saw is the most convenient, efficient, and practical? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW…                           until now… 224 more words