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Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (3)


Most Japanese houses, though the rooms generally are smaller than in most parts of the West, have really large closets in the sleeping rooms. These closets are built to accommodate futon sets which, after having been aired out, are folded up for storage, allowing the room to be used for other purposes until it is time to turn in. 839 more words


Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (2)

I was planning to start talking about the design of the cabinet, however there’s another issue occupying my attention at present. Designing and building is an interesting process, and you can never predict everything, despite making all efforts to do so, when it comes to solid wood. 3,045 more words


Tools of the Trade: Knipex

A few years ago – I’m shocked to find it was 2013 – I wrote a post on Wera Screwdrivers, sharing my high regard for their many products after many years of experience. 2,438 more words


A simple yet elegant

A simple yet elegant way to store your bike vertically. Sleek and clean design that blends well into any interior without the appearance of a cheap metal hook. 15 more words


Dark Chocolate and Sponge Cake (1)

Following on from a recent post about acquiring some mahogany, Swietenia mahagoni, originally from Florida, I had a few additional observations I’d like to share in regards to this special mahogany, based both on some recent readings and my impressions from having milled up a bunch of this stock now. 2,500 more words


Does Uber give a Lift?

The other portion of wood arrived in my shop today, wood which I described in an earlier post as ‘uber special’. Here it is, fresh off the boat, er, semi: 2,215 more words