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Album at a glance: The Souveneers - Heartbreak In Really Cool Town

The Souveneers quietly released their second full-length record “Heartbreak in Really Cool Town” but if you are one of the many anxiously awaiting it’s arrival, be prepared. 117 more words


Jamspace: anti-counterpoint backgrounds or "I need to write horn parts and don't know what I'm doing"

You’re in a bind.  Your band is bland and you want to turn down the suck but you’re self-taught, need to look at the keys to play, and jump out of time on the drop.   2,283 more words


Cure for Pain - Morphine [#332]

By the time I became addicted to Morphine, it was too late. Mark Sandman had died of a heart attack and the band had been dissolved. 222 more words


Take 6 in the Carfax Bandstand

On the afternoon of Saturday 16th May the saxophone band ‘Take 6′ were performing in the Carfax Bandstand. Whilst one might have expected just 6 players there were 11 in all playing a variety of saxonphone type instruments; perhaps one was a clarinet. 46 more words


Saturn's Rings

Have you ever met someone that blinds you with their brilliance?
Did he fill your empty space with vibrant velvet words?
Oval table peace talks inside caramelized coffee shops. 151 more words


Techno Subway

Now this is the kinda stuff I’d like to hear on the underground…what a tuuuuuuuuuune!


The Cat Empire

I can’t even begin to express my feeling of excitement for next weekend…

Once upon a time a worked at a magical place called Tokyo Disneyland. 201 more words

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