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Sturm: One of Charlemagne’s Lieutenants in Spiritual Warfare

When Charlemagne decided to invade Saxony in 772, he took spiritual warriors in addition to those guys with the spears and swords. Whether St. Sturm, the abbot of Fulda, was with Charles during those battles is not clear, but the king of the Franks put him in charge of the Christian mission in a large part of the conquered territory. 1,204 more words

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D.O.G spells..

Yep, ‘dog’. It’s one of the first words we try to teach children when they begin to read. It’s a simple word, no silent letters, no weird pronunciation rules , and it’s a word for something they can easily recognise. 585 more words


Why the Saxons Kept Breaking Their Vows

Alcuin of York wanted the Christian mission in pagan Saxony to succeed, but in the 790s, he was deeply troubled by how it was carried out. 745 more words

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Widukind: Murderer or Freedom Fighter?

“Widukind? A freedom fighter?” my Frankish characters say. “Are you mad? He’s burned churches. His murderers killed indiscriminately.”

“Widukind is a hero,” my Saxon characters reply. 651 more words

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By Scott Bailey © 2015

This is my tithe
The part of my life
That I give to my lord
To survive

My uses are his… 96 more words


Anglo Saxon Jewellery

150 years ago, in 1866, Anglo Saxon remains were discovered at Upton Snodsbury. They were found in what was thought to be an Anglo Saxon cemetery by labourers digging for gravel. 161 more words


The Saxons’ Nine Heroic Herbs

Whether it was originally a pagan poem with Christian elements or vice versa, the “Nine Herbs Charm” reveals clues about Saxon culture before Christianity, something a novelist needs when portraying the lost pagan religion of the eighth-century Continental Saxons conquered by Charlemagne. 420 more words

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