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Day 1036: Edwin High King of Britain

In the 7th century, Edwin has found refuge with Rœdwald, king of the East Angles. Edwin is the king of Deira and Bernicia, but he was long ago exiled when Aethelfrith usurped his throne. 198 more words


Can too much knowledge spoil your entertainment?

I surprised a friend recently by admitting that I did not like the Vikings television show. I had tried watching the first series, or season as they say in America, and just could not get into it. 735 more words

Through the Mists of Time

project blogWell, it’s freezing out there, but very beautiful. There is something about this sort of weather that is evocative of times gone by, which is handy seeing as that’s our business. 266 more words

Bringing History to Life…

When visiting England, it is easy to be overwhelmed by wall-to-wall history, castles, museums and cathedrals. It is also easy to get caught on the typical tourism treadmill just focusing on the ‘big’ sites like Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussaud’s. 1,162 more words


Why Conversion Histories Matter

Just before Christmas, a new volume of essays was published on conversion in the early Middle Ages. The subject is an old one and a good one. 513 more words


And so 2017 begins

The year 2017 is about a week old and von Peter himself has not yet posted a post. Such idleness is unforgivably outrageous!! The following should correct that outrage. 1,092 more words

Calpe Miniatures

Oaken hall where the barn owl flies

This post was originally published in the Guardian Country Diary column.

At the highest and darkest point of the South Downs escarpment, an Anglo-Saxon hall stands beefy and lumbering under a black sky dusted with stars. 315 more words