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Unlocking the Word-Hoard, Pt 2

Last week on the blog I wrote about the scops, and their place in 7th century Britain. This week I wanted to touch on the gleemen, and to highlight one particular form of poetry they would use in their entertainment. 1,387 more words

The recognised link between cake and running

Himeslf is a runner.  I am a lolloper.  Before I moved to Beachville we talked about –  once he was all London marathoned out – getting me to a level where I could attempt a half marathon. 490 more words


Belly - Leather bag

Belly: The front part of the human trunk below the ribs,

‘Belly’ has evolved from ‘belg’ in old English and joined our language with the Saxons… 35 more words


The Last Kingdom (2004)

By Bernard Cornwell

“The preachers tell us that pride is a great sin, but the preachers are wrong. Pride makes a man, it drives him, it is the shield wall around his reputation… Men die, they said, but reputation does not die…Show me a humble warrior and I will see a corpse.”

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Book Review

Watch out the Anglo Saxons are invading Wessex again.

For one week in June, hidden deep within the heart of Wilshire in the Chalke Valley, a Roman invasion takes place. Not only Romans, they are joined by Vikings, Napoleonic armies all fighting alongside Medieval Knights. 237 more words

Episode 25 – Abbots Morton, Worcestershire

We travel this week to Abbots Morton, in the east of Worcestershire and close to the border with my home county of Warwickshire. The last time we were in Worcestershire we visited… 1,493 more words


The Fight over Who Gets the Martyr's Relics

St. Boniface would have never wanted the dispute that followed his martyrdom in 754. Two of his disciples, Sts. Lull and Sturm, wanted his remains. 792 more words

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