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Of Ghosts and Godpoles: A Review

I finally bought my copy of Thorbeorht Linleah’s Of Ghosts and Godpoles this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to read it for the next year, as I didn’t pay for international shipping to get it to my address here in Japan. 559 more words


Anglos and Saxons Before England

I have often heard the term Anglo-Saxon, but never just Anglos or Saxons. However, I learned that these are two separate people groups from different areas (of what I guess is Northern Europe). 10 more words

England begged the immigrants to come (in 430).

After the last legions of Rome left England around AD 400, a very contemporary scene emerged. Roads deteriorated, town centres were abandoned, and the Christian religion (then a recent import) almost disappeared. 655 more words


Medieval Churches for Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Historic churches are very much part of the fabric of North East England. To find some fine examples for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week on the theme of Churches or other religious buildings, I’ve taken a look through my photo archives. 507 more words

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Why English language?

For the last 4 weeks I have been occasionally posting on this blog and I have been reading many other fantastic and interesting blogs (so much creativity out there). 598 more words


Matthew Harffy The Serpent Sword (Bernicia Chronicles Book 1) Review

Matthew Harffy is currently writing a series of novels set in seventh century Northumbria. The first book isThe Serpent Sword. The sequel is… 665 more words


All About That Hunk

As The Cook pondered what foods to serve this Easter (the leeks marinated in Greek yoghurt with sumac and garlic, the obligatory baked ham, cheery little deviled eggs, a spray of sauteed asparagus, possibly some jalapeno and Beechers cheese twice-baked potatoes), she remembered one dish that needed to be on that table. 682 more words