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Update on the last post about Arthur's Enemies

Just to let you know that I will (eventually) being posting an updated extract on the Western Saxons (WS). This is mainly due to an academic paper that only recently came to may attention, which helps add more details to what I had originally written. 33 more words


Of pdf's and plastic

With the home front forges continuing at a low ebb von Peter himself presents some information on a couple of worthy pdf’s received and some information on a couple of plastic castles. 836 more words

06. Napoleonics

Ranscombe Spring Challenge

For Adam’s birthday back in January we planned to run the Jeskyns Challenge nr. Gravesend. This was called off/postponed as the park was too wet and running the course would have damaged the park. 547 more words


The Last Kingdom

“Destiny is all. And now, looking back, I see the pattern of my life’s journey. It began in Bebbanburg and took me south, ever southwards, until I reached the farthest coast of England and could go no further and still hear my own language. 874 more words



the wall is 70 m long. king harold got shot in the eay whith a arrow

from annie and connor



I learned about the Saxons that King Harold got shot in the eye by an arrow. normans was building camp and they fight.

Carmelo and havey


Bamburgh: Seat of Kings

Last year on the blog I  highlighted one of the major settings for my novel, that being Lindisfarne, and I thought it was time to  give you a glimpse at another one. 786 more words

Dark Ages