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Why Anglophones?

Sasah Volokh has an amusing post at the Volokh Conspiracy. He points out that speakers of English are called Anglophones based on the early settlement of parts of England by the Germanic tribe called Angles. 62 more words

Review: Edwin: High King of Britain, by Edoardo Albert

Edoardo Albert is an historian and author, and this book (published in 2014) is the first one of a fiction series titled The Northumbrian Thrones… 1,112 more words


British Warriors

I have just finished reading the last novel in Bernard Cornwall’s trilogy about King Arthur. Previously, I read the first nine novels of his series set in the time of King Alfred of England and his immediate descendants. 606 more words


Update on the last post about Arthur's Enemies

Just to let you know that I will (eventually) being posting an updated extract on the Western Saxons (WS). This is mainly due to an academic paper that only recently came to may attention, which helps add more details to what I had originally written. 33 more words