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I parked by the Market Cross, the centre of medieval Repton with the old Mitre Inn behind it where, in 1848 the local history says that a man sold his wife for a shilling after bringing her with a halter around her waist from Burton on Trent. 789 more words


Supporting Evidence for Christian Identity Doctrine

Dolmen in Wales, built with no metal tools.

It has been asked what supporting evidence there is for the Christian Identity teaching, that White Europeans are the tribes of Israel. 1,787 more words

British History

Notes From a First Time Front Yard Farmer: Ducks, Ducks, and More Ducks

I have been asking myself, “Is there such a thing as having too many ducks?”  Probably.  Come May I will learn if I have hit my limit.  383 more words

Front Yard Farming

Total War: Attila Campaign video montage

Total War: Attila, the next installment in Creative Assembly’s famed PC series, is here casting players back to 395 AD. You control your nation’s fate as the world creeps into the apocalyptic turmoil of the Dark Ages. 115 more words

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Rupea fortress

Built on a basalt hill, Rupea fortress represents one of the oldest constructions in Romania. It is located at the border of the historic principalities of Transylvania, Moldavia and Vallachia – in Brasov county. 163 more words


Wulfsuna - The Wolf Spear Saga by E.S. Moxon

About E S Moxon:

“Born into an Anglo-Italian family, E S Moxon’s life has always involved languages and travel. Childhood holidays were spent exploring Britain’s ancient heritage sites or the openness of north Italy’s rural mountains. 396 more words

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A bit about the Saxon City of London

The history of this era all gets a bit entwined between what we call the SAXONS, the ANGLO SAXONS, the VIKINGS, the DARK AGES, the MIDDLE AGES and MEDIEVAL. 1,025 more words

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