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Saxon Culture

Teacher: Bradley Fish Jr.

In my 7th grade English class, I have been reading a book called Wulf the Saxon, by G.A. Henty. It’s all about the Norman invasion of England. 234 more words


Book Corner: To Be A Queen by Annie Whitehead

Today over at The Review, you can read my thoughts on Anni Whitehead’s wonderful novel of Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercia, in To Be A Queen… 282 more words

English History

Episode 4 - Abbess Roding

Saxon History

The village of Abbess Roding is in the county of Essex, north-east of London. It is among a group of eight hamlets and villages in the area with the name ‘Roding’, and the area as a whole is called ‘The Rodings’. 2,578 more words


Prince Valiant: Vol 14: 1963-1964 – The Arthurian Plot Slowly Thickens

The Prince Valiant strip’s subtitle is “In the Days of King Arthur,” but I have to admit the scenes that take place at Camelot are often less inspired than those that take place elsewhere in Foster’s strip, and I felt that was the case with this volume, though there are still notable moments. 1,269 more words

Arthurian Books

Review: A Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell

This series is just breathtaking. Seriously, I kid you naught, it left me breathless more than once. I won’t say that Cornwell’s battle scenes are g rated, but I have read much more graphic…however Cornwell does have me having to slow myself down, alternately, afraid of what I am about to read, whilst at the same time trying to rush ahead to see what happens next. 436 more words


Bran Castle

„In 1388, the Bran castle’s construction was complete.

The Castle was built on a steep cliff between Măgura and Dealul Cetăţii (“fortified town’s hill”), with an exceptional view of the nearby hills, Moeciu Valley and Valea Bârsei. 230 more words


Day 1036: Edwin High King of Britain

In the 7th century, Edwin has found refuge with Rœdwald, king of the East Angles. Edwin is the king of Deira and Bernicia, but he was long ago exiled when Aethelfrith usurped his throne. 198 more words