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I should be UNpacking ... but ...

Well the packing is complete, the move is complete … but the unpacking will go on for an extended period it is much feared. So not much wargaming output from… 935 more words

Calpe Miniatures

The Complex Reality of Early Medieval Slavery

Let me get one thing out of the way: Slavery is evil. No one has the right to own another person and do whatever they want to them. 405 more words

Middle Ages

The Saxon Times, November 1066

Employment Opportunity

Join The Varangian Guard

There will be no place for Saxons, under Norman rule. Your Saxon land will be confiscated. You will just be a slave to a feudal Norman lord. 386 more words

The Saxon Times

The Staffordshire Hoard

On July 5, 2009, Terry Herbert was sweeping his metal detector over the field belonging to farmer Fred Johnson in central England, located just off the ancient Roman road known today as Watling Street. 695 more words


A little bit of hobby: Anglo-Danish warriors

Here’s some likely lads, English warriors out for blood. These are Gripping Beast models for my Saga games. With these chaps completed, I now have enough painted models for a full six-point, Anglo-Danish warband. 126 more words


The History of the English Language

Abridged. Like, a lot.

English is, to be blunt, a stupid language. Think of the nurse that wound a bandage around a wound. Or the archer that dropped his bow so he could bow to his king. 369 more words

Literature & Language

Ukraine Military Gets Boost With UK Armored Vehicles Delivery

Ukraine accepted delivery of 20 Saxon armored vehicles from Britain last month to be weaponized and put into action by the army, a top aide to President Petro Poroshenko said Monday. 193 more words