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Why Conversion Histories Matter

Just before Christmas, a new volume of essays was published on conversion in the early Middle Ages. The subject is an old one and a good one. 513 more words


And so 2017 begins

The year 2017 is about a week old and von Peter himself has not yet posted a post. Such idleness is unforgivably outrageous!! The following should correct that outrage. 1,092 more words

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Oaken hall where the barn owl flies

This post was originally published in the Guardian Country Diary column.

At the highest and darkest point of the South Downs escarpment, an Anglo-Saxon hall stands beefy and lumbering under a black sky dusted with stars. 315 more words

Christmas 2016 stocking fillers

It’s nearly Christmas … again. This will be the 2016 edition. In their time honoured fashion – and to cut their losses! – the employer of… 689 more words

Calpe Miniatures

Sturm: One of Charlemagne’s Lieutenants in Spiritual Warfare

When Charlemagne decided to invade Saxony in 772, he took spiritual warriors in addition to those guys with the spears and swords. Whether St. Sturm, the abbot of Fulda, was with Charles during those battles is not clear, but the king of the Franks put him in charge of the Christian mission in a large part of the conquered territory. 1,204 more words

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D.O.G spells..

Yep, ‘dog’. It’s one of the first words we try to teach children when they begin to read. It’s a simple word, no silent letters, no weird pronunciation rules , and it’s a word for something they can easily recognise. 585 more words


Why the Saxons Kept Breaking Their Vows

Alcuin of York wanted the Christian mission in pagan Saxony to succeed, but in the 790s, he was deeply troubled by how it was carried out. 745 more words

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