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Why You Never Say the Right Thing

You’re always in your head whenever you’re around people; you feel like you can’t say what you really mean because you’re worried that someone is going to judge you or disapprove of what you said.   240 more words



Now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say. Exodus 4:12

Moses thought he was the wrong man for the job. 162 more words


Sẵn chút men cay, mình nói ra vài điều thế này

Mình là người rất sợ cảm giác một mình. Mình từng bị tổn thương rất nhiều khi luôn là người cần dựa dẫm tình cảm, dựa dẫm ai đó để bớt cô đơn. 529 more words

Tuôi Nghĩ

Recognizing & overcoming subtle racism

On this talk show:  What the Bible reveals about racism, how a Christian man can recognize subtle racist beliefs, and how to overcome racist views… 27 more words



When I was too quiet,
They blamed me for not speaking up.
For keeping my voice,
As if there were jewels in my mouth.

But when I started to talk, 61 more words