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Award winning and critically acclaimed!

I would like to start my post with this quote from this great man. (thanks facebook)

This post has been festering in me for quite a while. 918 more words


I'm a Doormat

Oh, brother. I’ve just realized that I have been a doormat for the last 12-14 years of my life. I’ve given people so much of myself and my time, and now I feel drained and used up. 155 more words


It’s been long since we talked

Well, you’ve been doing a lot of talking

You’re just not talking to Me

I wish you would talk more often to Me… 276 more words

5 Thing I Wish I Had Heard When I Was Struggling

  1. “Feelings are not Facts.” – I actually heard this at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. But hey, it stands. The point of it is, while whatever you feel is valid and it’s completely okay that you feel that way, it might not always be true.  
  2. 397 more words


This is how my life is going. Just say “no” to all things distracting. I’m practicing the skill of being focused and detailed!

I’ll be saying “no” to a lot of things now. Hahaha


New Video from C DUNCAN — This Will Anoint Your Innermost Fears

As regular readers will know, here on RAW RAMP Island we love C DUNCAN.

Christopher’s voice is like liquid gold, and his intent seems to be to weave magic with inventive songs that are surreal creations — their… 101 more words

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