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Loving Forever

Beloved and I have a routine.  Or rather we had a routine until we read  this article which made our routine seem, well silly.  I must warn you, if you chose to click on the link and read the article, it won’t be easy.   227 more words


| I didn’t post the poem Sunday, because today has to be a poem day. I am leaving home to set off to a new chapter. 311 more words


Am I the only one?

Are your children going back to school soon? Do you ever forget, even for a moment? Or am I the only one counting down the weeks, days, or even at times hours, until the official day I get my house back? 546 more words


Breaking Up with Myself

This morning I finally decided to end a long-term relationship. It was time to break up, part ways and say good-bye. Like many relationships, the start was wonderful and carefree. 161 more words

Better Myself


This post is very long if you want the TL:DR here it is: I love Taiwan, Taiwan loves me, I want to stay here forever but curse life. 1,845 more words

Moving: The Journey of Two Thousand Miles

“I don’t want to see you go, but it’s not forever, not forever. Even if it was, you know that I would never let it get me down cause you’re the part of me that makes me better wherever I go. 488 more words

New Beginnings

Closet Purge: Saying Goodbye to Previous Decades

The older I get the more ritualistic I become, finding meaning in simple and mundane moments.  Perhaps it is poetry and an abundance of unscheduled time which makes me feel sentimental about this closet purge or maybe it is that this year’s give-aways belong in a bygone era.   437 more words