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It's Been Awhile...

Yes, yes it has. I have to be transparent when I say that not much has been going on here. I was trying to figure out how to write from here on out, and then I got busy with life, etc, etc, etc, excuse, excuse, excuse. 1,369 more words

Good Riddance

It occurred to me after I posted last and subsequently hid the post that I had skipped over someone in this journey. With that being said, I am going to remedy that and post now. 1,067 more words

Saying Goodbye.

Oh, my dear, how tragically wonderful your presence truly is; I nervously dread, from the first moment of your arrival, your heart-rending departure that will only continue to provide for me the fortuitous opportunity of looking forward to eventually saying “hello” to you once more. -M.S.


Ripping Off the Bandaid

“Just tell me they’re leaving already,” I think as I continue a hard conversation about the future of our foster daughters with our caseworker. I want someone, anyone, to just rip off the bandaid to my heart and inform me that they indeed ARE going home soon. 830 more words

In Loving Memory (and living with regret)

This week I lost two people who were hugely important people in my past. I’d had a falling out with each of them a long time ago, eventually reconnected with each of them in the early days of Facebook, and then drifted apart from each of them again. 1,251 more words

Personal Battles

Day 8 - April PAD Challenge

Today’s poem is all about family. Our host said – I think the prompt will stir up a lot of great poems today. What an understatement! 187 more words

If you only read one thing I have written, let it be this

The following is the draft of the final chapter of the book I have been working on. The book is called Dragons in the Garden, and is about parenting in its very broadest sense. 4,085 more words