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Three O'clock in the Morning

Another light is on across the way. I suspect a new baby is involved. It is 3 am. Wind rattling plastic is my culprit. There is something going on in the garage of the apartment across the way. 844 more words

I'll Never Stop Wondering What We Could Have Been

I wrote you a love letter once. I put it where the world could see, hoping you’d know that I can’t ever regret meeting you, only the timing. 430 more words

By Letting You Go, I Have Found The Courage To Begin Again

I admit that some nights, when I sit in the corner of my bed, I attempt to revisit the world that we created, the life that we shared, and the moments that we made. 655 more words

I Thought You Were My Everything, But Turns Out You Were Just Another Goodbye

When I first loved you, I knew that this day would come. I have been through so many heartbreaks that I knew, like the back of my hand, every hello comes with goodbye, every good morning comes with good night, and every love story comes with heart break. 655 more words

Help Me Make It Through the Night

The telephone awakened me from a sound sleep. My bedside clock showed that it was a few minutes past 1:00am. Caller ID on my phone informed me that the caller was my friend, Bill. 910 more words

Poem A Day Challenge - Day 17

Wow, we’re really past the half way mark. Some days are definitely a grind with work travel and not being able to sit down and even think until the evening. 109 more words


Dedicated to my beautiful and amazing mother, Roseann. 

I love you with all my heart and soul. We’ve always joked that we would leave this world together, many years from now, old and grey, with an entire lifetime of happy memories to look back on. 519 more words

P.J. Rossi