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Hearts Don't Get Umbrellas ... Redux

I have decided to revisit certain posts from time to time. Call them a Marty-Replay.  Posts I like. Or I’m happy with how they were written and catch the moment just right. 383 more words

Hot Women

The Imminent Goodbye That I Don't Want To Say

The news were given to me in passing, in front of my children and hers while we were trying to get them into our respective cars. 452 more words


Our Hopeful Adoption

So I wanted to give you an update on how our journey to our next babe is going.  The short story.  It’s not.  We have had the wonderful privilege of fostering 4 babes since February. 655 more words


You've Held On Long Enough; It's Time To Let Go

Wait for it.

The moment he comes back to you, like you hoped for so many times before. The difference? Now you feel nothing.

Where once before, one singular thought from his precious mind broke through the furthest depths of your heart, you now wait for the familiar feeling to come. 260 more words

Maybe This Is How It Feels To Finally Move On

I thought going back to our old place would stop the tears and memories once and for all.

Maybe eventually. In that moment, I felt free. 464 more words

Mic's very good Sunday....

When we first knew without question that Mic had dementia and was getting old, we thought we would only have a few months more with him. 255 more words

This Is Why I Finally Said Goodbye To You

It was the night we silently ended something we never truly had. It was excruciatingly beautiful and painful.

We started the night drinking cheap liquor in a local hippie bar in town. 455 more words