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Introductions are necessary!

"Hello, did you clip your nails today? See... I did! Mother would be so pleased..."

Imagine this being the first interaction between you and me. You would totally think of me to be socially inept, or worse… a little crazy, maybe. 156 more words

Mental Illness

This is my first post

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Saying "Hello"

Introducing: Rose Family Business

If you have noticed a few extra posts in the last few days on the point of view of one of the Manitoba Ferret Association’s members family, that’s me! 32 more words

Hello to the Corners of the Universe

There are so many ways to introduce ones self; a million different languages to say hello in, and yet I am constantly baffled at exactly how to go about entering someones life, even if it is for the briefest of seconds. 257 more words

Saying Hello

Three Thoughts for the Week

Things that have crossed my mind in the realm of the past seven days…

The profound impact of saying hello, and the meaningfulness of meaningless connections.   551 more words


October Roundup

October has been a blur. I can’t really pinpoint any thing that has happened at any point of this month. Everything just happened. 421 more words

Saying Hello


Even though I find Halloween to have a pure and enjoyable spirit, I have never been a fan of dressing up for Halloween. I find it tedious to find who/what I want to be for Halloween and then putting together such a costume. 390 more words

Saying Hello