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What's up?

Hi musical people!

The goal of this blog is to simply talk about music and current events in music! News on artists and album reviews are just a few of the things I’d like to do. 55 more words

Aspiring Blogger

Hi :)

So this is my first ever blog post on my first ever blog. I’ve thought about blogging before and I even set up another Instagram account to try and express myself. 123 more words

Sick Days...

Apologies for the lack of a fun DIY….especially right before Turkey Day. I know, I’m sad too! I’ve been really sick these past few days and was going to try and write a post today on my day off, but time flies between nose blowing, crazy cough attacks, and napping. 36 more words

Saying Hello

Hi, It's World Hello Day!

Personal communication for preserving peace is what World Hello Day is all about. Today marks the 42nd annual celebration of World Hello Day. The object is to say hello to ten people on today. 33 more words


Why, hello there!

Why hello new followers/readers/bloggers!

I have yet to do a greet/welcome post to thank you all for visiting, inputting, and basically being super cool people from everywhere! 163 more words


To the Reader

Before you think I’m channelling Baudelaire, never fear–although, there’s plenty to be said for him and his poetry! I’ve noticed there’s several new faces in my follower column and, as I’ve been sadly MIA from this space, I wanted to thank all of you (new followers and old) for reading and following and generally making this writing thing feel less like shouting into the void. 71 more words