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Saying 'Yes'

One of my new years resolutions this year was to start saying yes a lot more. I’m too often susceptible to staying in my comfort zone because, well, that’s where I am most comfortable. 407 more words


The Forgotten Faith

Have you ever noticed, when people don’t speak up their mind, others automatically take them to be not worthy of the set task in hand? Even if they are the best ones amongst the lot, just because they didn’t stand by themselves, others perceived it to be otherwise? 494 more words


How do I want to feel?

Do we stop often enough to ask ourselves this incredibly important question? We often think about what we want to do – today, at the weekend, with our lives – but rarely do we consider how we actually want to feel. 643 more words


The List

As soon as the idea came to me to do a “20 Things for 20 Years”, I started writing things down. The first 6 came to me really easily, things like “spend the anniversary of her death somewhere beautiful”  and “go to more live music”, “travel more”.   510 more words

Begin Here

The Unique Bill Murray Technique For Saying 'Yes'

I can’t say “No.”

If people ask me for something, it’s really hard for me to balance their needs with my own.

Like, if I need to spend time with my kids. 686 more words

Saying "Yes" yn Gymreag / in Welsh

I remember quite vividly the first time I discovered that there was no single word in Welsh that answers “yes” to questions. I was dumbstruck. But I just want to say yes! 403 more words

Getting Started

creating ritual: purification

if i absolutely had to pick a religious identity, i would label myself “Christ-emulator”, as in i try to emulate the teachings of Christ. to me, it differs from being “christian” in many ways, and it allows me to weave in truths from other spiritual practices while not feeling fake. 366 more words