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Saying yes, meaning yes


This week I’ve unplugged from the ministry, primarily because I’ve been suffering from extreme burnout.  No matter what you read, or might believe, you cannot avoid it when you’re in the ministry, especially as a solo pastor.  795 more words


saying yes to love (otherwise known as finding my family)

If you had known me a few years ago, you may have heard me say “love isn’t real and all people are assholes.”  I stood by this saying and truly, deeply believed it.   874 more words

Saying Yes

In an acting class I took last year, the professor encouraged us to “Say, ‘Yes!'” to the people with whom we were working.  You would improvise something and your partner might take it in a different direction than you had planned, but by saying, “Yes!” we would feed off each other’s energy, learn to trust each other, and wonderful moments could happen. 224 more words

Social Anxiety or Laziness

My friend sent me a message about a week and a half ago asking if I would help her out by volunteering at a local university graduation selling flowers.   515 more words


The Consent Discussion, Using Tea

This is beyond fantastic! Blue Seat Studios made an animated video explaining consensual sex in a simple and amusing way that anyone can understand. And I mean ANYONE. 75 more words

Feminism & Equality

Saying 'Yes'

I’ve been trying to say ‘yes’ more often lately, even when I would usually say ‘no’. I think I’ve always had a tendency to say ‘no’ to things, even as a child, whereas my older sister was the ‘yes’ child. 805 more words