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#27, 20, & 23: one day-many yeses!

last week, i made a list, challenging myself to turn and face the strange.

yesterday was something of a “powerhouse” day, where i managed to accomplish 3 off my list. 197 more words


#7: exploring chakra meditations

i have a root {muladhara} chakra problem–it’s terribly blocked/out-of-whack-imbalanced.  i know that for some people, chakras and other”non-traditional” ways of explaining how/why things are {ie. traditional Chinese medicine, auras, the enneagram, etc/.} can seem a litte, well  265 more words


My Name is, No

Breast cancer took so much from me; my breast, my self-confidence, my health, my comfort, my feeling of safety and more.  But one thing I decided I wasn’t going to let it take from me is my professional credibility.   948 more words

what I'm reading

“…deep, authentic writing does not come from the intellect, as one might expect. Deep writing comes from our bodies, from our breath, and from our ability to remain solid in the places that scare us.” Page 7 and I’m already in love.

Heart-centered Living

When 4 months becomes 7

For some reason, over the last few years, saying ‘yes’ became increasingly difficult. ‘Buy the expensive dress’ – no. ‘Have a one-night-stand’ – no. ‘Go on a walk instead of a run’ – no. 603 more words


Finding Our Yes

As I was printing and cutting these little cards for the loveliest group of women, it made me catch my breath to see the so many bold Yes’s surrounding each other. 305 more words

How To Be @rest

Quick Thought #2: Loving Yourself

Many times in life we say yes to things that we don’t need. We think that saying yes and making ourselves feel good means we love ourselves and that we are taking care of ourselves. 44 more words

Sweet & Sour Thoughts