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The Unique Bill Murray Technique For Saying 'Yes'

I can’t say “No.”

If people ask me for something, it’s really hard for me to balance their needs with my own.

Like, if I need to spend time with my kids. 686 more words

Saying "Yes" yn Gymreag / in Welsh

I remember quite vividly the first time I discovered that there was no single word in Welsh that answers “yes” to questions. I was dumbstruck. But I just want to say yes! 403 more words

Getting Started

creating ritual: purification

if i absolutely had to pick a religious identity, i would label myself “Christ-emulator”, as in i try to emulate the teachings of Christ. to me, it differs from being “christian” in many ways, and it allows me to weave in truths from other spiritual practices while not feeling fake. 366 more words


On saying no

My sisters constantly tell me, to say yes more often. Well, technically they complain that I always say no, but that is pretty much the same, right? 527 more words

Day 122 - Saying 'no'

I don’t know about you, but I find saying ‘no’ one of the hardest things in the world. But I do believe that being successful, or even just simply not getting a burn-out, is to say ‘no’. 619 more words

January 2017

Being more conscious - how I spend my time

Last year, I found myself rushing around a lot of the time. I was always trying to get something done, achieve something, tick something off a list – often just boring things, like cleaning the kitchen, dusting the house, putting washing away. 706 more words


A New Start

Well, I did it! I told Rhett this morning that I was ready to move further with him and officially call Him my Sir. It took a lot for me to let go of the past, but he was with me the entire way and tried to make it as easy for me as he could. 85 more words