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My Last Night As 50 - Things I've Learned This Year

While this has been percolating, I haven’t had time to write and polish it up so here it is with apologies for mistakes and maybe even some blathering. 1,041 more words

Why I am Trying to Say Yes to My Kids

In all the years I’ve been a Mom I have never been great at saying yes. Obviously, from time to time I “let loose” and give in to whatever they request but it is never easy for me. 522 more words


An open letter to 💚

Dear You,

By this time, you already know that I learned to enjoy being alone. Loneliness struck me from time to time but I figured out, somehow, how to live my life at the fullest because at the end of the day, I myself can only do that to be happy and alive. 128 more words

A to Z: Selling Our House (Letter Y)

Today for the second day, pounding is resounding through the neighborhood from the work on our flat roof. I, however, am taking the day off, saying yes to the need to rest. 408 more words

Life Experiences

Saying Yes…

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to say, no? Why is that?

Is it because once you’ve said no, the topic is closed. 274 more words

Writing Life

Wander into the Wonder...

I kept painting this saying over and over again in my sleep…“Sometimes we wander into the WONDER of the GOODNESS of GOD!” Have you ever wondered what life really would be like with out God in your life or watching over you? 241 more words

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