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Duterte says he is willing to implement BBL, except for ‘contentious’ provisions

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Image capture of video by GMA News and Public Affairs via YouTube channel

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte pledged support to the BBL, minus some “contentious” provisions… 13 more words

FB page claims Jaybee Sebastian was never a drug lord, says he actually did a lot of good in Bilibid

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Image from Change is Possible’s Facebook page


Facebook page “Change is Possible” defends convicted high-profile inmate
It said Sebastian not a drug lord, has actually done a lot of good in prison
Page ang…


Bangladesh Ambassador says Duterte promised to “do whatever it takes” to return $81 million

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Image capture of video by Inquirer via YouTube Account

Bangladeshi Ambassador John Gomes said President Duterte assured him that the Philippines will “do whatever it takes” in order to return the $ 81 million laundered fun…


China to cooperate with PH in war vs drugs, says illegal drugs are common enemy of mankind

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Image from Presidential Photographers Division

The Chinese Embassy in Manila said China is willing to cooperate with the Philippine government in war versus illegal drugs… 11 more words

Senior Chinese official says there is no official boycott of PH products

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Image by rolfik via ShutterStock

A Chinese official clarified that there is no official boycott of Philippine products
China said trade with the Philippines continues to be “smooth and stable” 9 more words

PNP chief says previous administration ‘lacked emphasis’ on illegal drugs

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Image via Facebook page of Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa

PNP chief Ronald dela Rosa said previous admin “lacked emphasis” on tackling illegal drugs… 17 more words

Muntinlupa official says Duterte never visited them: We wish he did for real though

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Image from Muntinlupa LGU’s Facebook page

Muntinlupa PIO denied president visited them to clear out their city’s traffic
He said they could only wish he would’ve visited them for real though… 8 more words