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Tucson and the New West

The real shock was seeing Spring again.

The last time we saw each other—the only time we saw each other—was nine years ago, in Spain. I was still married, still in my twenties. 1,689 more words


Court Rules in Favor of Nazi Arizona's SB1070!!

US District Court Judge Susan Bolton this past Friday upheld a controversial part of Arizona’s anti-immigration law known as SB1070.  Specifically, the judge upheld the part of the law that would allow Arizona police to check the immigration status of anyone they stop for any reason.   487 more words


Arizona SB 1070 Can Still Be Racist

Remember that whole madness with the SB 1070 bill and the Jan Brewer authorizing cops to stop Mexicans *er* suspicious-looking individuals anytime who are suspected of being illegal immigrants? 72 more words

Two Sentence Politics

September 22, 2012: My Passion Issue, Reforming Immigration Policy To Provide Immigrants with a Political Voice

Author’s Note: This is just another blast from the past. I found one of my old opinion pieces, originally published for a writing contest, written right before the 2012 elections. 542 more words

Mish-Mosh Pile Of Everything

Tucson Police Chief: 'I Am Duty Bound To Enforce' Immigration Law

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Norlan Flores Prado was still wearing a hospital bracelet from his daughter’s birth when U.S. Border Patrol agents who had been called by Tucson police arrested him on Sunday afternoon. 430 more words


"Welcome to Hell:" The Border Patrol's Repeated Abuse of Children | James Lyall

Detainees wrested from sleep every 30 minutes, the lights in their frigid cells never turned off. One detainee told by officials, don’t lie or you’ll be raped. 320 more words

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Today's News and Commentary - April 22

The New York Times editorial board called for action on wage theft yesterday. The authors note that although wage theft is commonly associated with low-wage workers, it is a problem that affects workers across the board. 378 more words

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