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Skype Updates

Last week, I Skyped with an educator who works as the Director of Instruction and Technology for the Solon Community Schools, Matt Townsley. After reading his blog, I was intrigued to find out more about SBG and somehow he must have either found out that I linked him on my post, or maybe the Gods of math just brought us together, because he asked me to Skype with him to further the conversation. 689 more words


Back flip doesn't help students who miss class

In my Theoretical Mechanics course the other day we were talking about noninertial forces (like centrifugal and coriolis forces) on the surface of the earth. We did all kinds of examples related to weather, cannons, and cars driving. 716 more words

Syllabus Creation

Corner House, Singapore Botanic Gardens

In recent years, there has been an explosion of avant garde restaurants helmed by exciting and innovative young local chefs. Ingredients though are probably flown in, which accounts for the higher price such as the French sweet onion used for the soup. 511 more words


The Problem with Traditional Grades

In my first year of teaching I have quickly come to realize that the traditional grading system does not benefit and help my students.  As the end of a grading period comes to an end they are concerned about extra credit and changing their grade.  795 more words

Standards Based Grading

Beyond Movement: Taking Action Towards Standards Based Grading

Being an urban charter school principal is hard work.  In my fourth year in the role, I’ve learned that days are unpredictable—sometimes you find yourself fishing clementines out of the boys bathroom toilet, or trying to coax a 10 year old girl back to class while she cries about the possibility of One Direction splitting up, and you wonder, like the Talking Heads, … 1,103 more words

Asa - SBG (Satan Be Gone)

Bukola Elemide known as “Asa” pronounced “Asha”, born in September 1982 Paris (France).

Asa is a young and talented Nigerian singer.At the age of two, her parents returned with her from Paris to the atlantic city of Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria.She spent her formative years in the city of Jos, Plateau State, northern region of Nigeria before returning to Lagos at the age of 18. 57 more words


Thoughts That Keep Me Up at Night

I have been thinking a lot about grading, assessment, and the meaning behind these to both teachers and students. I have read Dan Meyer, … 1,031 more words

Algebra II