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SBG One-Minute Student Conferences

My current school works on a trimester system. In fact, most of my classes (and all of my science classes) this year only meet for one trimester. 1,116 more words


LotR SBG Sci-fi Mod

The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game has been a lot of fun so far, so I’ve come up with some ideas for how to run sci-fi games with it as well. 778 more words


Independence just got that little bit more valuable.

Standard Life have announced that they are setting up a salesforce offering restricted advice . Apparently it demonstrates the insurer’s commitment to the advisory sector. 426 more words


We are the fighting Uruk-hai!

These chaps were a blast to paint, and successfully broke me out of an almost year long painting slump. The banner and two-handed weapon wielding captain were converted from pike Uruks. 92 more words

Modeling Projects

Capsules III

These have been fun to do, so I’m going to make them a fairly regular feature.

Something I’m watching: Fate/Stay Night

I’m giving this one another shot after thoroughly enjoying Fate/Zero. 957 more words


Why SBG?

Last year, I changed my assessment system from traditional “points-based” grading to standards-based grading (SBG) I want to start writing a few posts about this change, and figured I would start with why I started looking for a change in the first place. 1,009 more words


What's in a grade? (Part 1 of n)

My limited time as a teacher has allowed me to see a lot of things. There’s the usual: students come and go each year. Students in my homeroom growing up before my eyes. 465 more words