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Quick Fix: Outlook 2010 Sending from a second Exchange Mailbox

I have been battling this problem for some time now. It has been driving me to distraction it is fair to say.

What i didn’t realise until now, is that i was actually battling two separate issues, once i realised that it made the solution clear. 625 more words


Quick Fix : SBS 2011 Standard (Exchange 2010) 554 5.1.0 Sender Denied

Had a puzzler last week. Client called up to say one of his contacts couldn’t email him. It was being rejected.

Message Rejections will be a common problem for many people, and the best thing to do is get a copy of the rejection message or what i call NDR (Non Delivery Receipt (or Report) ) 458 more words


SBS 2011 Standard Additional Accepted Email Domains (Multiple Accepted Domains)

My customer is expanding his business, and is going to add a specialist arm of his company in a particular field.

As such he has setup a new website for that particular department and wants some of his staff to have a new email address based on whether they work for that part of the company. 1,302 more words