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I have blogged before about setting up the RWA on Essentials, we all remember that mammoth post right?

The countless hours we wasted trying to make the wizard work, troubleshooting certificates with GoDaddy, Enom, Microsoft and that’s before you worry about where your domain name is hosted. 885 more words


Quick Fix: SBS 2003 Lost Cals

This is well known and well documented issue, there is an excellent post from SBS MVP Phillip Elder on his very popular blog about it and has the perfect resolution. 324 more words


Windows MultiPoint Server with SBS 2011

MultiPoint server can be joined to the SBS 2011 domain, just like any other server. However, before the MultiPoint server (or any other additional application server) will show up in RWA, we will have to add a special registry key and add the server name on the SBS 2011. 678 more words

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Outlook is losing my email?!? Event ID 9646 (Application Log)

Recently at a client of mine, we had an issue where one users Outlook would continually stop displaying new email. The inbox would show ‘last updated at..’ and would not move on from that time but, Outlook would correctly display ‘Connected’ in the bottom right corner. 676 more words


Windows Server 2012 Essentials Public Beta

If you are interested there is now a public beta of ‘SBS8’ or Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

I am certainly not the best person to ask for a reasoned business argument about why the loss of SBS Standard is good or bad thing. 660 more words


Small Business Server and Beyond..

An announcement has finally been made about the future plans for the SBS Product lines.

In 2011 the SBS Product team launched a new version of SBS, SBS Essentials, this was the first product in the SBS line not to include Exchange , it also was missing other components like SharePoint and WSUS. 614 more words


SBS 2011 Essentials : PowerShell Cmdlets

PowerShell is pretty cool. There does not seem to be much you can’t find out with it, or configure with it.

Not being a developer i struggle to build complex PowerShell scripts 814 more words

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