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Working through sbt test deadlock

Today, I encountered an issue while running tests for one of my Scala SBT projects. Each time, ran sbt test command hang. After running jvisualvm, I discovered that it is due to thread deadlock. 73 more words


Reading data from different sources using Spark 2.1

Hi all,

In this blog, we’ll be discussing on fetching data from different sources like csv, json, text and parquet files.

So first of all let’s discuss what’s new in Spark 2.1.  291 more words


Faster Compilation of Scala Jars

Compiling Scala code is a pain. For testing and even deployment, there is a much faster method to deploy Scala code. Consider a recent project I am working on. 365 more words


For Every Puppy Born and Bought There is a Dog Already Waiting in a Rescue, Shelter or Pound...

If i hear one more idiot tell me that they don’t want to have their pet neutered or spayed because it will change the dog’s personality, take away their “man-hood” or they simply do not see the benefits; i may scream. 580 more words

SBT, Record e RedeTV! planejam lançar um canal em2018


Segundo informações do jornalista Ricardo Feltrin da UOL , Simba – joint venture criada por SBT, Record e RedeTV! planejam lançar um canal em conjunto para o mercado de TV paga em 2018. 222 more words


Demitido da RecordTV por causa de racismo, "Marcão do Povo" é o novo contratado do SBT

Após uma polêmica com a cantora Ludmila, que acarretou na sua demissão da Record TV Brasília, o Jornalista Marcão, conhecido como “Marcão do Povo”, é o mais novo contratado do SBT. 78 more words


Blending Cucumber, Cassandra and Akka-Http


Knoldus has always pioneered the deep diving into the best ways to use cutting edge technologies. In the past few days, one of our team carried this deed by integrating Cucumber with Akka-Http, Cassandra and of course, Scala. 264 more words