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Apache Avro for Serialized Messaging using Scala and Sbt

No way … you’re seriously telling me you use JSON for your messaging protocol! Come on!

Each to their own I guess, but we’ll be using… 1,003 more words


Sbt Pack With Xerial

Adding Jars to a classpath should not be a chore. Often, using retrieveManaged in an SBT build is not quite what we want. When dealing with more than a few minor dependencies, having each dependency placed in its own folder is problematic. 140 more words


Scala 101

Scala is a general-purpose programming language it supports both functional programming and Objects oriented programming paradigm. Scala is a strong static type system. Scala is an acronym for “Scalable Language” 573 more words


A Quick Note on SBT Packaging: Packaging Library Dependencies, Skipping Tests, and Publishing Fat Jars

Sbt is a powerful build tool for recurring builds using in a nearly automated way with the tilde to simplifying the Maven build system.

There is the matter of slow build times with assembly. 301 more words


Working through sbt test deadlock

Today, I encountered an issue while running tests for one of my Scala SBT projects. Each time, ran sbt test command hang. After running jvisualvm, I discovered that it is due to thread deadlock. 73 more words


Reading data from different sources using Spark 2.1

Hi all,

In this blog, we’ll be discussing on fetching data from different sources like csv, json, text and parquet files.

So first of all let’s discuss what’s new in Spark 2.1.  291 more words