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SBT and Github commands using Linux Cronjob for github project

When i was in the middle of my project I encountered a challenge to run sbt commands and github commands for my cloned project at regular intervals(say after every hour or two). 745 more words


Gossip: Patrícia Abravanel e sua declaração homofóbica!

Patricia Abravanel “deu ruim” nesse domingo (8) no programa do próprio pai e acabou sendo criticada nas redes sociais.

No “Jogo dos Pontinhos”, Silvio Santos contou que havia assistido ao filme “Carol”(QUE EU ASSISTI E ACHEI INCRÍVEL) 221 more words


What I learned having sex as a young woman in Pakistan

“Pakistan is an Islamic Republic with the highest porn-watching population in the world. That statement in and of itself signifies a particular aspect about Pakistani culture: we are horny and desperate for sex, but God forbid we actually engage in it. 44 more words


The Merchant of Venice?

I have always found the title of this particular play problematic as the majority of productions I have seen – and a great deal of criticism – focus predominantly on the character of Shylock. 704 more words


UDF overloading in spark

UDF are User Defined Function which are register with hive context to use custom functions in spark SQL queries. For example if you want to prepend some string in any other string or column then you can create a following UDF… 303 more words


Beautiful Dinky Binkys Blog - Senior Staffy Club

Hiya who are you? Are you coming to take me home? I can’t wait for all the new adventures I’ll have with you, all the new smells and places to visit, I like to keep busy there’s always something to do….oh by the way I’m Binky! 247 more words


FDA expands abortion-pill access in states seeking limits

“Guidelines the Food and Drug Administration issued Wednesday could expand women’s access to an abortion-inducing pill in states that have sought to limit its use. 108 more words