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Getting Asynchronous in Scala : Part 2 (macro, reflection and Async library)

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.” – Edmund Burke

The thought above tells about the beauty of being patient. One of the most important trait of a programming language is to be patient for the code segments to complete their execution asynchronously. 407 more words


Scala Macros -An overview


In this blog we will understand the basics of Macros and reflection. The main motive of the blog is to lay a foundation for better understanding of the the ‘Async library’. 989 more words


Getting Asynchronous in Scala : Part 1 (Future, Callbacks, Combinators etc.)

‘Only you can control your future.’ – Dr. Seuss

The above quote has a great correspondence with this blog. In the blog we will discuss what are Future values and how we access them. 1,549 more words


Jenkins | Deploy & Configure for Play Applications in RHEL 6.x

Jenkins is an open source server for continuous integration and written by JAVA. This is one of a world famous CI(Continuous Integration) tool. This tutorial guides you through the steps to deploy Jenkins server on RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) server. 463 more words


SBT build outside of source directory

It seems that the suggested way to run sbt is when current working directory points to the source directory. It implies that sbt compiles and runs inside the source directory, which is not always desired. 209 more words

Generating, visiting and unit testing grammar using ANTLR4 with Java and Scala

“Quality is free, but only to those who are willing to pay heavily for it” – T. DeMarco

Now unit testing is not that heavy to pay off so lets start the blog. 1,587 more words