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Chakra Energy Healing- Offering respite from chronic diseases!

Chakras, also popularly referred as energy centers are the core areas that help human beings to lead a healthy life. If all these chakras are in perfect balance, the person stays in perfect health but as soon as the balance of these chakras go awry, the person starts suffering from various problems and ailments. 213 more words

Chakra Energy Healing

Chakra; a source of healing energy

In this modern arena, people are not concerned about getting knowledge about their body and its parts. People are engaged in their own busy life and do not pay attention to some basic things in their lives. 251 more words

Find Your Body Peace And Harmony With Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is an art which has been used since centuries to balance vital energy centers in the human body. There are different tools which are used in this method such as meditation and stones. 219 more words

Scalar Wave

Electrostatic field sensing

The video can probably show some of the potential of electrostatic field sensing. ;)

Sensor Schematic:

The first Operational amplifier has a very high input resistance… 373 more words

Electrostatic Field Sensing

Hurricanes and the Gulf of Mexico 2011

This is a follow-up on an earlier post here- Weather Modification: Ahmadinejad – High Tech Equipment causing Iran Drought …. What I am following up on was a statement I mad within that post – 603 more words

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Audio Interface/ Healing Tones

The Series 33 also comes with audio enhancement capabilities. You can simply plug your music source into the unit and receive the maximum benefits from your favorite music or our specially developed Healing Tones which come with the Series 33! 32 more words

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