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Technology, Accelerated Learning and Repair

Technology has been developed for assisted learning and accelerated repair of tissues.

Energy Generators and Serums

Generators which produce vibrations that influence the cells to heal at an accelerated rate, combined with serums that enable the fuel for chemical reactions can instantaneously repair tissues. 411 more words


The Heart is The Guiding Force

When one finds the truth they must first look through the dark in order to find the substance.

To be able to see through the dark, one must keep the heart aspect balanced in intentions of mind and being. 75 more words

Spiritual Health

Psychological Testing

Hallucinatory Holographic Mind Probing Technology

Through the neural-interface technology the minds of many individuals can sync together to experience the same virtual simulation. Thus a single individual’s mind can be selected for input and the environment will be a construct of their mental activity. 367 more words

Underground Bases

Omega Programming, Disclosure and Faction Infighting

The Awakening of “2010”

In 2010 I experienced what is called an “awakening” which is memory unsuppression through a removal of trauma. This is achieved by bringing the trauma and programming to the surface and dissolving it. 2,050 more words


What if atoms are charges and waves not particles?

What if instead of atoms as particles there are actually only different frequencies of vibrational bands relative to each other?

How would this change your perception of reality? 115 more words

Reality And Consciousness

Kozyrev Chair

The Kozyrev Chair. DNA emits torsion fields. The effects of those fields or the field, is consciousness or awareness.

This was a fundamental discovery about the mechanism of space, time and consciousness. 83 more words


There was once a Unified Planetary Consciousness...

There was a unified planetary consciousness that was connected with the Earth and human civilization. Then there was a great war. Out of the destruction arose the beginnings of ancient human civilization and history as we know it. 83 more words

Reality And Consciousness