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Why 2 (or Self-Similarity; or orororororor....... ;)

I was fortunate to take an intermediate-level survey course in thermodynamics with one of the most influential scientists of the post-WWII generation, I mean this guy was at the center of research for combustion and fueling, kind of combining modern thermo and fluid dynamics, at NASA through the rise of the space age and jet propulsion. 624 more words



Basically the idea that the surface in painting is at home in the context of wider causal events on the surface of planets.

I’ve tossed in closeups of my paintings alongside planet/surface closeups (wish I could cite where I got those images but I just randomly searched and neglected to jot it down).   117 more words

Residual Lives, Hazard Rates, and Long Tails (Part II)

This is part II in a series on residual life, hazard rates, and long-tailed distributions. If you haven’t read part I yet, read that first! … 1,491 more words

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Residual Lives, Hazard Rates, and Long Tails (Part I)

This is the third series of posts I’m writing on topics related to what we are covering in our book on heavy-tails (which I discussed in an earlier post… 2,925 more words

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