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Neighborhood with 3D Prints

Yuka Dawson of 256Q sent in these photos of a neighborhood her class made, complete with 3D-printed buildings and landmarks.

What I notice:

3D Printing

Introducing our new project car.....sort of. By:Derek James

Welcome to a new project for us here at Afterburner! In order to keep myself from going insane when waiting for the next event or the next thing to do with the 318ti, I bought a model. 383 more words

You Feeling Lucky? (The Magnum278 Blog)

First Soviet hotrod - pt.2

So… you remember the fit problem of engine exhaust tube from the previous post? Some modellers suggested I should leave it as it is, as the vertical fin will cover the gap (true, but the fuselage diameter would be too big for the exhaust shroud), while most suggested thinning down the fuselage sides and the tube itself. 244 more words

Scale Model

First Soviet hotrod - pt.1

Mikoyan Gurevich designed a series of heavy fighter/interceptor prototypes in the mid-50’s, starting with a project called Ye-150 (E-150).

Ye-150 first flew in July 1960. Although of similar design to MiG-21, it was more than 3m longer and over 7 tons heavier than MiG-21F-13. 251 more words

Scale Model


Animantarx, latin for “living fortress” or “animated citadel” were ankylosaurians aptly named. A rare find, it had been dug up from radioactive sediments from the Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah; the first and only one of its kind. 142 more words