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Scale Model

The job of making the Scale Model was dedicated to Lindsay, she started off by making some basic models from matchstick like bits of wood to knock out some rough ideas she could then develop, this was also a form of research for us as we weren’t 100% sure what our final design would be. 292 more words

5. Scale Model

Scale Model

A critical part of the HAblab process was scale modelling. This was to ensure that our concept was going to turn out how we wanted it before we started using more valuable materials and resources. 73 more words

Scale Model

Opel Kadett C (TT 1:120)

T2301 – Opel Kadett Limousine   (TT 1:120) 
T2302 – Opel Kadett Caravan     (TT 1:120) 
T2303 – Opel Kadett City            (TT 1:120) 
T2304 – Opel Kadett Coupé       (TT 1:120) … 311 more words


Opel Kadett C (N 1:160)

Opel Kadett C (Époque IV)
Opel a présenté le Kadett C en 1973. Cette petite voiture familiale populaire était disponible dans de nombreux styles de carrosserie. 345 more words


D-21, The Speedster Drone

Whilst the fuselage is all clamped up I thought I would tackle the Lockheed D-21 drone included in the kit.

For those that don’t know the D-21 was an unmanned drone that was originally designed to be launched from the back of the M-21, a variant of the original Lockheed A-12 photo reconnaissance aircraft from which the SR-71 was derived. 199 more words

Blackbirds office

Well the cockpits for the SR-71 provided no issues at all and look pretty decent even if I do say so myself. There was a nice amount of raised detail to pick out so I didn’t feel the need for any aftermarket. Time to get it installed!


This has been a great project, I have learnt how to model make to a professional standard, increasing my skills using different techniques for a variety of materials. 82 more words