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Little things

The things we think are important are not that important. Life is a series of little things set against the vastness of no-thing.

Keith Ashford

Ketosis schmetosis

I have been in ketosis for over three weeks now.
I also walk a lot.

These changes have slowly taken a toll on my bodyfat and I’m starting to lose weight. 161 more words

Me, Me, Me...

Week 4 Results

It’s been nearly one month. I’m down from approximately 23% body fat to 17.3% body fat. I’ve lost an inch on my waist and I feel great! 111 more words

Keto Journey

Wednesday Vignette - climbing wall

A gentle reminder that how we experience the universe, is largely a matter of scale.

Wednesday Vignette

The Moon

Below is a link from the presentation from today.  Make sure you take good notes to help you Friday.

The Moon

If you try to access the slides and it does not work just let me know and I will make sure everyone has the right permissions. 13 more words

Class Summary

From "Tens"

“For far more marvelous is the truth than any artists of the past imagined it. Why do the poets of the present not speak of it? 361 more words


Analyzing Stat Inflation, Item Squish, and Why I Now Think A Squish Is Coming in 8.0

If you’ve been playing WoW for a long stretch of time, you’ll remember back to 2014. A simpler era – pandaren, Sha, bad no-good Orcs, and…rapidly inflating health and damage totals. 2,038 more words