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"Something Isn't Right" by Herbert

Released 11 years ago, Herbert’s Scale is not only Matthew Herbert’s best album but has also aged well over time. Using over 635 objects for creation including live instruments and vocals,  47 more words


Toss Your Scale. Seriously.

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve been doing pretty well making headway with internally regulated eating (aka intuitive/attuned/mindful eating/eating competence), enjoying formerly forbidden foods with ease and seeing a decrease in the number of times you overeat. 851 more words


The Number on the Scale

Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in months. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to look. The scale teetered between numbers and I held in my breath and froze in place, as if one wrong movement could somehow determine the amount. 1,171 more words

Weighing In

You have the power
To make or break my day
You square, heartless ogre
Lying in a dark recess
Of my bathroom floor.

Gingerly I place one bare foot… 119 more words

Roam free: A history of open-world gaming

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Open-world video games bear the impossible promise—offering compelling, enjoyable open-endedness and freedom within the constraints of what is, by necessity of the medium, an extremely limited set of possible actions. 1,763 more words


Axe of Creation: Tip the Chord Scales in your favor…(Part 3)

What’s going on everyone!? Welcome to another installment of Axe of Creation here at the wonderful Gear Snobs. Last week, we continued our discussion of… 479 more words