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What Makes a House a Home? (Or, How a Pitch Becomes a Tonic)

If you stay somewhere for awhile, and it’s a reasonably okay place to stay, eventually it begins to feel like home. This is the simplest way to make house feel like a home. 258 more words

the future is eating us alive

That’s the most interesting question in the world. How big is big enough? The Amish pretty much have solved it. Industrialism doesn’t propose a limit. David Kline, my friend, went to a Mennonite meeting.

342 more words
Goodness & Kings


So I told you about my weekend of binging with the man…

I was quite afraid to step on that ever-daunting scale. But alas, I had to force myself. 65 more words


Tipping the Scale

I think what tipped the scale for me, no pun intended, was a challenge from a co-worker last week. We were tossing around diets and how to lose weight. 415 more words


Eye level.

So much of what we consider important is based on scale.

Full-grown, we are generally in the 5’-6’ range.

We do not fly, so human eye level is our perpetual vantage point. 562 more words

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