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About That Plan...

Yeah, well, the Thanksgiving Day plan fell apart at dinner. I was doing fine until we sat down for the big meal. I did not get seconds or even pile up my plate. 182 more words

Life In General

SlideShare: Five Reasons the Enterprise Needs HPC Technology

Up until the past year or two, High-Performance Compute (HPC) environments and the enterprise data center have been separate domains. But now the data intensive demands of analytics, migrations to cloud infrastructures and ever growing numbers of users looking to store large quantities of data are making the enterprise data center demand high-performance and scalability previously common only in HPC and Web provider environments. 149 more words


It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Well hello there!  It’s been a while,  but I’m back now that the craziness is over… for now.  I hope Thanksgiving was nice for you all.   534 more words

Healthy Habits

A little update for me & my blog

Hi there! So I’m now officially 4 months out and I’m 62 pounds down. Woo hoo! (Just for reference, I include my pre-op weight loss in my numbers because I worked HARD for those losses and I always count from my start-of-this-journey weight… I hope that’s not confusing for anyone, but it helps me. 301 more words


The scale of the universe

Carl Sagan told us that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all of the Earth’s beaches. At the same time, there are more H2O molecules in just 10 drops of water than there are stars.

Day 130 - Down 36 lbs; Up 3 pieces of pie

I’m starting to feel more comfortable in the 190 lb range, and I love that my weight starts with a ONE! I was really good last night, and stopped after just 1 piece of pie. 264 more words