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Is It Snowing On Your Sago Palm?

My First Memory Of Snow.
The first time I saw “snow” in Florida was when I was entering the Strawberry Festival Plant Show my freshman year of high school. 880 more words

Asian Scale

A Peek Under The Hood Of Modes

Modes are ancient scales of the church which are still used today by jazz musicians.  You can also hear modal music in many of today’s film scores and in some churches who still value their rich musical heritage.  196 more words

Can American Women Raised in the 70s Have Healthy Relationships With Food?

Here’s a true story. When I was a kid, my family used to vacation at the same beach every summer. And, since several other families also vacationed there year after year, we made some wonderful friends. 1,173 more words


Granite Angles

“Granite Angles” Zion National Park (May 20, 2015) — Image by kenne

The Granite Angles

of elevation and depression
looking up from my window… 59 more words


Exercise – Illustrating visual space – Ex1, part 3, I1

Using internet searches or your own visual references select an image of each of these: a tree, a child running or walking and a building.  Photocopy them in black and white at different scales and sizes so that you have several versions of each image.  

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Software Defined Deduplication for the Cloud

Unlike cloud compute which can scale up and down on the fly, cloud storage is more permanent. While organizations that use cloud storage only pay for the exact storage they are consuming, they do also pay for that storage month after month. 1,105 more words


Weekly Weigh In - 29 may 2015

I had a good week and last weekend, even though we had a lot of “events” and went out for basically every meal, I was able to eat moderately and didn´t gain any weight. 112 more words