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Beat Subdivision

I’m starting at the very slowest metronome setting and trying to practice subdividing a beat into 4 equal parts.  What I’m finding is that when I try the 1-e-&-a subdivision, I’m still rushing the first half of the beat. 38 more words

The Importance of "Mis en Place"

“Putting in Place”

Measuring and laying out all the ingredients BEFORE you start cooking is what “mis en place” is all about.  There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a recipe and finding that you’re out of a major ingredient. 452 more words

and the scale finally moves!

I have always rejected my body rejecting gluten. Because it wasn’t a “textbook” response, I just felt if I kept feeding it gluten it would eventually get used to it and accept it. 662 more words

Smart Weigh Digital Bathroom Scale Review

So, I’m not a girl who needs a scale that is full of bells and whistles. Sure, I often look at the ones that can sync to my fitness apps and do all these other things, but ultimately decide it’s not worth the money. 300 more words

Perspective Drawing

Perspective drawing is very useful when illustrating large objects like buildings and whole city blocks. It also adds depth to interior spaces and small objects. This is where art meets geometry.


The Voice

So last Monday I decided to weigh myself before I started the food portion of my diet/lifestyle change…

I woke up on my couch at 6 am…you may wonder why I slept on my couch…well, it’s because the living room is the only room in my apartment with air conditioning so it is the coolest room in my third floor apartment. 123 more words