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The scales gave me some very bad news this morning, so bad that I skipped breakfast and just had a cup of tea. Even though I could have guessed it was going to happen after yesterday’s gluttony it was still a shock to see the actual number. 304 more words

Random Thoughts

Get thee behind me, Fat!

On February 2nd 2017, almost three months ago, I decided to cut sugar from my diet.  Talk about a task and a half!  I never knew the darned stuff was so bloody addictive. 475 more words

Health And Fitness

Writing Music For Those Who Can Not (Part 1)

Music Composition: It’s those little dots on a line across the page. But what do those dots mean? How does it work and how does one go about writing music? 1,304 more words


Round The World

Just prior to any occasion requiring gift giving my loving husband would always inquire of me:

“What would you like for your birthday or Christmas or anniversary?” 634 more words

Beyond The Triangle

Final Frontier: Musical Enculturation and the Main Theme of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

In which aliens make use of the Pentatonic Scale (briefly) and Daniel shouts at the television (for a long time).

To my dear reader,

Many things anger me. 717 more words

Pentatonic Scale

Wow, I can actually play scales.

Two-octave ascending and descending. I need to go slow, and do the hands separately before putting them together, but I can do it — hands-together. I never thought I would be able to do that and hence be a “real” harpist. 159 more words