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With His invisible hands beneath yours which were enlightened by blood, Your Father holds up your cross which covers the vastness like scales that were used to weigh the stars. 137 more words

Dragon Armour


Inspiration image I found on pinterest

Pinterest and Face Off (for those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a reality TV show competition for make up and special effects artists) have been giving me ideas recently. 66 more words


All too often, we look at life and see a vertical scale. Things are better, things are worse. Things are ranked. We look at things and wonder where they, or we, fit, on that scale. 677 more words


Diatonic symmetry

The system of sharps and flats, the notation # and b, illustrates the symmetry of the diatonic scale quite vividly when the scale is arranged in fifths (or fourths). 465 more words


[Isometric] Diatonic: Ionian

What do we call it when a melodic segment, a run or phrasing pattern, is in equal steps up or down?  Equal, in this case, not by absolute interval value, but by scale-order. 38 more words



Try this:

Every note in your scale gets a 1-4-5

…and a I-IV-V

…and so on.

Simple applications of this principle: 9 more words