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I woke from a strange dream, I was at a cycling event and had put my cycling clothes with my bike before going off to look around. 614 more words

Random Thoughts

Where the scales my friend...

Helloo :)

So, Saturday morning. Off I went. As I handed my book over I said to the lady “it will be a gain I’m sure” I stepped on the scales to see what the damage was. 176 more words


Monday 20/2/17 practice


Practice for today

Bass (6 string)

Walking bass over F blues, C blues and G minor blues

maj, minor, dominant scales and chords on B string in 12 keys… 16 more words




It’s amazing the difference 100 grams makes. If it had been 100 grams lower I would have been happy. It wasn’t it was 100 grams higher than yesterday. 603 more words

Random Thoughts

“To do something, you must either know what to do or how to do it. Failure is an outcome of imbalance or improper knowledge of these scales .”



More random paraphernalia within the Arkadi Monastery complex in Crete.


Scales are Dumb and Numbers are Imaginary!!

Hi y’all. Your body is great. You are the best in the world at being yourself. Today I am going to be talking about scales numbers and the feelings that go along with them. 561 more words

Body Positivity