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My 5 entirely practical weight-loss tips

I have very purposely started this post with the work ‘My’. I have lost two and a half stone (15kgs) in the last eighteen months but, although I am a qualified fitness instructor and have written about weight loss for years, I am not a diet expert and my tips won’t be useful for everyone. 1,243 more words

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Week 2 (52 Week Challenge)

Week 2 Theme: Something From the Last Fabric You Purchased

Accepted or Rejected: Accepted

Pattern: M4M Mermaid Tail Blanket (for girls and dolly)

Fabric: Fleece from Joann’s… 125 more words


Week 1: Scale Revelations

So straight away my practise plans didn’t quite go to plan. I woke up and remembered I had a haircut. I then spent the day in town for some father-son bonding with my dad. 205 more words


The Secret to Having Discipline (also known as fake it 'till ya make it)

Growing up in the world of classical music, my life revolved around that word: Discipline.  The fact that I needed it, whether or not I had it, my peers who obviously did have it, those sad, talented kids who just didn’t have it (“what a shame!”….) Every day of my life was measured in how many hours I had managed to get myself to practice.  1,052 more words


Weighing yourself- yay or nay?

We’ve all used a scale- most of us have one, sitting in the bathroom or shoved to the back of the broom cupboard. But there’s been a lot of talk recently, from all sides, saying that weighing yourself just isn’t a good option anymore. 774 more words


Give Your Scales Purpose

You may enjoy playing scales as much as I do. The organizational aspect of it, the ear training, the mechanical and athletic component, and the results scale practice produces keeps them on the top of my technique practice log. 123 more words

IPM keeps food on our table--at a price we can afford

I read a blog article today written by one of the Southwest Farm Press editors, resolving to eat more doughnuts in 2018. The editor, Shelley Huguley, discussed how one of America’s favorite treats was in jeopardy because of a pest insect that attacks sugarcane, the sugarcane borer. 755 more words