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DAY 112 - UH OH!! They've brought the Xmas party forward!!

Just found out the Christmas Party is next week and I’ve yet to get my hands on the dress for the occasion and try it on. 452 more words


Chromatic Scale Patterns

Erin Mae Lewis teaches a new lesson on the skill of playing what she calls “forward” and “backward” scale patterns.

This is what she uses to move her scales all over her chromatic mountain dulcimer, enabling her to playing the “string-band” keys, as well as the “singing” keys and helps her be not only a welcomed player, but a sought-after player for bluegrass jams sessions! 26 more words


Does Weight Weigh Heavily on Your Mind?

It cannot talk, yet it speaks to you. Some days it makes you giddy with delight. Other days it puts you into a deep depression. It judges you on a superficial level. 529 more words


Monster Sketch

Just a monster sketch. My friends tell me the monsters are a cop out that I can do more, develop them more and make better art that isn’t just a mishmash of parts. 67 more words


What's the chromatic scale?

Among the key elements of harmony, we can mention the scales. A scale is a set of notes that have some relationship to each other. Scales are the basis of modern harmony, because from them we can better understand the chords. 296 more words


Galapagos: Rainbow iguanas

I only found these amazing coloured creatures on the island of Floreana. Everywhere else they were black, sometimes with a hint of red. Then again Floreana in itself was magic, of course it had rainbow lizards. 32 more words