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My Playing Warm Up aka It's Time for a Montage!

So first, I do the body warm up. Then, I play my long tones. Now I have to consider how to do the rest of my playing warm up. 679 more words

The importance of NOT relying on a scale.

The scale can be a huge help in measuring weight loss by pounds. Unfortunately, it’s easy to abuse the scale and its powers. The scale has the ability to tell you how much you weigh at any given time… now, when you’re seriously trying to lose weight, it becomes easy to develop an obsession with those numbers. 398 more words

So much character and charm!

This is the final part of my creative inspiration travel photos. And this is probably my favourite collection of photos. If you would like to read the other installments, links here  161 more words


Metric vs US Units in #Visio floor plans

First of all, as a Brit, I have to point out that US Units in Visio should really be called Imperial Units :-) I was born pre-decimali… 1,072 more words


Setup Stands Part 3 - Setup Setup Setup

Now that the fabrication work is done on the setup pads, it’s time to set up the setup pads so that the setup pads can be use to set up the car. 360 more words

Setup Stands Part 2 - Roll Out!

Roll off pads are very useful for setup, allowing a place to make alignment changes, to zero the scales, and to allow the tire to roll to undo any bind that setting changes may have introduced. 949 more words

Blog #6 What is the best way to lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is ……

Today I read a report arguing that in fact it’s a myth that we can be fat and fit. 475 more words

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