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Running away from ghosts

The trouble with dieting is it haunts you and continues to haunt you even when you give it up (or try to give it up). There are constant reminders: the scales in the bathroom daring you to jump on for a moment (what are you afraid of?), the snacks I need to have in the house as I’m not on a diet but they keep calling to me and worst of all the nasty thoughts that keep circulating in my mind that if I don’t watch it I am going to end up in a huge tent of a dress, the kind of woman that gets laughed at in the street with my ever-expanding backside. 240 more words

Weight Loss

A little warm-up to start off your practice session

The other day I wrote about doing long tones on the Nuvo DooD. In addition to long tones, it is also good to warm up with some scale practice. 145 more words

Nuvo Dood


By Linda Smetana, Dana L. Grisham, Roya Q. Scales, and Thomas DeVere Wolsey

Presentation from The California Council of Teacher Educators, Kona Kai Resort, October 20, 2017… 1,725 more words


Friday Five - More Pingback Fun!

Today’s Friday Five is basically just a bunch of random thoughts, in which I’ve subtly incorporated miscellaneous WordPress Daily Prompts from the past week or so, because why not? 420 more words

Outweighing the Scales

What do you do when the scales fall from the high heavens, land beneath your feet and confirm your greatest fear that you really have gained the equivalent weight of a small human in the past year? 477 more words

Practicing The Boring Stuff

I am looking forward to practicing today. I am in the process of memorizing 24 songs I have worked on for over a year. It is important to me to be able to play many of the jazz standards. 274 more words


Diary of a Fat Girl

I haven’t been happy with my body for a long time, especially the number that has steadily been creeping up on the scales, so a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to do something about it. 672 more words

Mum Struggles