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Thursday Theory: Major Scales

A scale is a pattern of notes ascending (and descending) following an agreed set of intervals.

In Western music, the notes start on the tonic… 182 more words


Fun Fair

Can’t seem to get these hoops of my snaggletooth.


Making Use of a Native Scale (An Example)

So far, I’ve presented a few interesting scales in some of my blog posts but the historical and mechanical aspects are just the beginning.  The fun part is actually making use of them.  193 more words


Diatonic Modal Reflection

Modal reflection, refers to the process of mirroring the intervals of an ascending mode in a descending mode of the same root, resulting in mirror modal equivalents. 88 more words

Music Theory

A General Timeline of Early Music History with No Preference to Region or Hemisphere

This timeline will, hopefully, be updated as new information comes to light but is a sufficient beginning.  It is interesting to see how musical ideas travelled around the world in earlier times.  689 more words