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My box

This Thursday’s guest poem is by Hope Owen-Gadd, my grand-daughter. It’s here because it’s the new poem that I’ve enjoyed most this week. Hope is 8 years old. 155 more words


Challenge Accepted

I hated challenges when I was kid. And I don’t like them anymore as an adult. But in life we always face challenges. And most of the time challenges make us better when we finally overcome them, or at least give our best effort. 383 more words


Practicing Scales

Scales aren’t fun. I’ll be the first to admit that.

If you’ve ever played the Chaminade Concertino, you’ll understand the importance of practicing and perfecting the chromatic scale. 120 more words

What I do All Day

There are two questions I am often asked by my non-musician friends and family:

The first, is a general, “So….what, exactly, do you do all day?”.  904 more words

Team Cuscadi new Carbon Fibers Scale on K390 Urban

Why the change ?

I wanted a smoother experience. And give a more precious apparence.
Carbon fiber is a really sturdy material and twenty years ago you could only find it in Formula One and jetfighters. 22 more words


Day 39 – When You Gain 10lbs Overnight

I stepped on the scale and I was 349/350. WHAT EVEN IS THAT? It was after I went to the bathroom and everything. It’s not the be all, end all of my motivation or anything, but it getting fucking ridiculous now. 202 more words

Weight Loss

How to Have More Fun Playing The Ukulele

Currently, I am learning how to play the Ukulele and I am loving it. As I don’t have any proper music education and I am just learning off youtube tutorials and Tab charts the tips I am giving are to be taken with a grain of salt. 640 more words