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Homemade Voodoo Spice Mix

I adore New Orleans, and I am obsessed with their spice rubs and spice mixes. There are innumerable varieties, some smoked, some with herbs, some really spicy; and VooDoo mix is particularly one of my favorites. 215 more words


Deconstructed Pierogi Lasagna

Pierogi are filled dumplings that often have some combination of potato, cheese and meat inside. Rather than making individual dumplings, we decided to try it in the style of a lasagna. 269 more words


Scallion Pancakes

Photography by Angie Norwood Browne

These pancakes are a little involved but so yummy!


2c. all purpose flour

1c. boiling water

1T. sesame oil… 268 more words


Simple Stir-Fried Cabbage (with dried shrimps)

Ready : 10 mins [Prep : 5 mins † Cooking : 5 mins]
Serve : 3 with other dishes
Generic : StirFry
Level : 448 more words

Chinese VianD

Monitor and nurture

Well I’ve seen some progress since my last blog post. My Four O’clocks were doing so well, leafy and healthy and the caterpillars reminded me that I have always be on guard. 208 more words


chicken pot pie

Just a photo this week, but it’s a cracker: Deep-dish chicken pot pie with peas, carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms, a creamy roux, and the meat from nearly a whole 3.5 pound bird. 95 more words

Stew Peas | Red Beans and Rice

Comfort food is nostalgia wrapped up in high fat and a pretty bow called garnish. I hope you enjoy this quick tutorial showing you step by step instruction on how to make Stew Peas. 58 more words