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Desperate for a place to call Home

My daughter and their partner have been living rough for almost three years.  Not on the streets, but not with the security of a place to call Home either.   757 more words


eBay For Selling Is Horrible Nowadays

I don’t even know why I try – a couple weeks ago I listed several computer-related items on eBay, and I knew better than to expect anything but disappointment. 547 more words


The "SPECIAL" Coal Case - Ministers and Scamsters!

The judgment rendered by the Special Court betrays complete ignorance of the constitutional fundamentals of a Parliamentary form of Government.

A minister is responsible to Parliament for whatever goes on in his department, whatever the extent of delegation and whether he is personally involved or not. 958 more words

Sharp Guy No Be Thief

Has anyone ever known that he could get away with cheating someone, and not taken advantage of it? If so, he deserves his wealth, and everyone will praise him for his generosity. 471 more words


America jails 3 Nigerian scammers 235 years

Three Nigerian scammers who befriended many of their victims on dating sites have been slammed huge prison sentences by a Mississippi court after making tens of millions of dollars from their schemes. 466 more words