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My proof ACX

Get out of debt by doing something fun for a change! AdClickXpress is the top choice for passive income seekers.Making my daily earnings is fun, and makes it a very profitable! 38 more words

Become a secret shopper and earn $$$

Oh mystery! Sounds just plausible enough, doesn’t it? Except there is no company name (not even a name), no address, no nothing. You’re simply supposed to serve your identity to these scammers: 118 more words


Widow needs help distributing 20 million dollars

Seems like spending 20 million dollars should not be a problem, but this one, who claims to not be “internet savvy”, is asking for help … 121 more words


Why I consider Black Friday a Hoax and a Scam

People have asked me why I don’t go Black Friday shopping and get the great deals that are being offered. Well besides the obvious reasons of losing sleep and putting up with mindless zombie herds of people who are thinking they are getting a great deal, but the main reason why I don’t go Black Friday shopping is because the whole concept in this modern day and age is Black Friday is nothing but a scam and hoax. 350 more words

Team Liberty

The madness of the anti-medicine movement

Long term anti-vaccine lobbyist, Judy Wilyman recently had one of her standard attacks on HPV vaccination republished on the site of the ambitiously named The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine… 1,919 more words


Ideal Image Nightmare (Part 1)


The trauma happened on Tuesday, October 13th.

I went with a new friend of mine to her Ideal Image LHR (laser hair removal) appointment. She was having her third treatment for her underarm hair ($1500 for nine treatments and payments for 24 months, no interest). 1,316 more words

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How to protect yourself while shopping online

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WKBN) – Cyber Monday is the perfect time to find great holiday shopping deals online. It’s also a prime time for scam artists and identity thieves to wreak havoc on your bank account. 425 more words