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Law Ogoke

Lawrence Ogoke – Known Scammer

Email: lawrexbest001@ymail.com

Known Phone Numbers: (806) 283-7648

                      (802) 697-9843

                     Text via internet relay

Images: http://pbrd.co/1Efo1pk

Links: https://www.facebook.com/ogoke.lawrence.7



Yahoo Messenger: lawrexbest001@ymail.com… 140 more words


Did Anita Sarkeesian Remove Feminist Frequency’s Donor List To Enable Further Corruption?


Feminist Frequency, the website/YouTube channel run by Anita Sarkeesian, has recently removed their donor list from public view. This was discovered a few days ago by… 583 more words

Scammers produce fake deposit slips for online sellers

Source: yugatech.com

Recent incidents pointed to a group of online scammers producing fake BDO deposit slips to show to online sellers in order to process orders. 109 more words


Yes, leaking data can cost you money!

We have repeatedly countered the arguments that people don’t have anything to hide, and can comfortable ignore the privacy threats on the Internet. That’s a very unwise attitude and here’s some more examples why. 474 more words


Hyenas on the savannah

My friend is angry. For his whole life he’s worked for the Treasury, retiring this year. He managed the national insurance fund, helped set up the pension protection fund. 717 more words


High-end brands on-line seller scammer alert

Photo where scammer grabs photo from the original on-line seller on IG

Recently a friend of mine (who prefers to keep herself anonymous) made a purchase to an on-line seller on Instagram named @brandinstoreph. 996 more words

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