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Shane Jeremy James a Con Artist from Vancouver B.C. Canada

Let’s talk about Shane, a guy that calls himself a “Marketer” !

Some think he is great guy and he states in his Facebook he took a homeless out for dinner? 796 more words


Don't get taken by a government grant scam

Sooner or later, you may get a call from an “official” saying you’ve been chosen to receive a government grant for thousands of dollars—a grant that you never applied for. 350 more words


Little Miss Darklene Watts, not trusted anymore.

First off in a recent blog that Darlene Watts has made she again attempts to rattle my cage apparently by saying i am some stalker, interesting because  all I have ever done is comment back to people either on my posts or in their feeds or on the wall on Facebook. 1,247 more words

Worst paranormal Talk Show Host Of All Time. Judi Giramonti Part One.

In every day life there is always a story to tell, this story is particularly disturbing as well.Faith comes to meet Judi Giramonti, a woman so evil her horns just don’t show. 620 more words


Walmart Scam.

Okay, so I was floored and shocked by my recent experience with Walmart and want to share this with all of you, since I know a ton of people shop at Walmart. 680 more words


Sometimes change is just that INCREDIBLE!

Hey everyone.

I just got out of prison and I am finding my place. I can’t really say that I feel great to be back in the world because it’s changed or I have changed. 715 more words

David Round Tree gets exposed for stolen valor and for being a faked Indian

I can remember our first interview I had with him on one of my radio programs, he always came across like someone that was brilliant, he was a good speaker demanded respect all the things i looked for when interviewing a radio guest, through the years i gained more experiences through doing our radio shows and then something clicked and i decided to back off Round tree i smelled a foul player among us, after getting help from more then 30 people, I began to  realise that  a lot of the information David Round Tree was claiming was  not possible, the medals he stated he had the U.S armed Forces stated was not his for the taking. 801 more words