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When they get carelesss.. REAL FACES

Sometimes they get caught out. There was a profile on Facebook with the name of PATRICK HUTCHISON. Also on several dating website…. the same name. 150 more words

SCAM Detector--

I was trying to think of an easy way for people to detect scammers. There is no guarantee but basically I designed a Thermometer you start at 0% then follow up with your finger as you get more information. 208 more words


ScamHaters Utd.

I hate Scammers. All of them, Romance Scammers in particular.

Scammers. You get a Friend Request from a good looking man (or woman, plenty of men get scammed too). 185 more words


I am really interesting to know why so many scammers in dating site.  How can they survive?  I don’t think anyone will give them money. 29 more words

Scammer LARA CRIZELLE VIZCARRA aka Amparo / Joel Narte

This is about this scammer I encountered named Lara Crizelle Vizcarra aka Amparo / Joel Narte.

I posted about this on my old blog: http://basicrandomblogz.blogspot.com/2015/09/worst-online-seller-the-skin-naturals.html… 612 more words



“I just got this in the mail and I won $5000.”

The man who stood in front of me was ecstatic. He wore his usual flannel pajama pants and dirty collared shirt, turned inside out. 200 more words