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This site is meant to share real stories and real life gossip and sometimes people’s feeling’s gets hurt and we share the truth and nothing but the whole truth so help us God and my husband and family are running this site and we will be doing the posting on it and he thought he was talking to a woman named Tina well ain’t this a hoot in a hand basket because that’s where he is so wrong and so badly confused maybe one day for his sake he will indeed figure that out but until then may he seek the mental evaluation testing centers and figure out what is wrong with him besides having multiple personality disorders, schizophrenic, bipolar and being abitual compulsive liar and he also up on male scammers site as well but please beware of this man because he is endagerment to himself and anyone around him he is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode on his next innocent victim which could possibly be you… 15 more words

Female Scammers

Scammer Teresa Pavlic


Scam Danger:



First Name: Teresa Location : Age: 34 Birth Date: 1/1/1981 Aliases:

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Cory Melancons Post 

生平事迹 #5 ~ Thanks For The Inspiration – https://wp.me/p8aYeh-12G

This man is nothing but a Cyberbully punk which has used my minor teenaged daughter’s voice without her knowledge or her dad or mom’s as well and he is a well-known scammer and he is a Cyberbully, slandering slurs against someone’s name

Cory Melancon


This man has lost his mind he is only cyber bullying this family when he doesn’t know whom he even spoke with he doesn’t mind explosion anybody’s personal pictures or links when he doesn’t even know who he’s talking to and then that is invading somebody’s privacy and then he hasn’t posted on YouTube and it’s been reported for the intellectual use of someone’s content many pictures links to their other sites for email address and so forth and so on and because he knows that he was wrong in doing so you have to notify that person get their consent and have their knowledge if they’re even posted their pictures voice recordings or anything it’s just not that means you can be arrested


But he is in need of psychiatric help because he’s a endagerment to himself and endangerment to everyone around him because he is bipolar, schizophrenic he has multiple personality disorders so please beware of him because there’s no telling what he is liable to do… 550 more words

Scammers Stealing Personal Pictures Of Military Men And Women How Twisted Is This??

pictures most frequently used by African scammers in military scams

ALL PICTURES ARE STOLEN FROM INNOCENT THIRD PARTIES. In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana. 91 more words