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Vanity Presses

What is a Vanity Press?

‘Publishing house in which authors pay to have their books published.’ (Alan A. Glatthorn)

‘A printing house that specializes in publishing books for which the authors pay all or most of the costs.’ ( 1,409 more words


학생이신가요? Student?

유학생이신가요? 규정을 준수하는 학교를 선택하시면, 학생으로써의 자기 자신도 보호하실 수 있어요.

유학생 및 교환 방문자 프로그램(SEVP)은 합법적인 학교/기관이라는 것을 보장하기 위해, 유학생들을 접수받을 수 있는 미국 학교 혹은 프로그램들을 각각 인증합니다.  350 more words

비이민비자 Nonimmigrant Visas

Hard Drive Safety Delete Will Start in Five Minutes

Executive Summary: There is no “hard drive safety delete.” Your machine is not infected. You have been redirected to a malicious web page. Calling “support” will connect you to someone in India who wants to install malware on your computer. 56 more words


Welcome to the Scam Buster Blog ;)

Are you a victim of scamming? did the bastards get away with it, not to worry lets collectively expose the buggers on this blog and make sure that the whole world knows all about them and we make them pay in a various of ways. 61 more words

First Post

Search engines are sold - Day 2 (Blogging challenge)

Hey Guys,

I woke up this morning with another shock, youtube disabled monetisation on my youtube channel. I had to find a way to fix it as i can not afford to be done. 451 more words

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