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New Allegations of Multi-state Merchant Services Credit Card Fraud and Money Laundering Lobbied Against Former Florida FTC Robocall Defendant, Jaime Spears Aldazabal, by Prominent Members of the Militia and “Patriot” Community

By CHERI ROBERTS for Challenging the Rhetoric

When a new friend suddenly seems like a miracle worker swooping in with a magic wand to cure all of your woes, you probably shouldn’t get too excited. 8,769 more words


5 Common travel scams in Southeast Asia and how to avoid them

Article by: Ani

Backpacking around Southeast Asia should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Having so many beautiful sights, rich cultures and untouched nature, it’s a destination for a lifetime and not surprisingly travellers from all over the world are heading there in flocks.However, with so many foreigners on the ground of what are extremely poor countries, it’s not surprising that a number of travel scams have become common practice. 814 more words


Vietnam: Tourists Scams

Going through forums, listening to travellers or reading articles you cannot help yourself but thinking that Vietnam must be the scam capital of SEA. I must admit, this reputation affected my decision to visit Vietnam. 1,901 more words


So What...Its Friday

Didn’t receive my cinnamon capsules,which was scheduled to be delivered today. I did receive a big jar of really raw honey. $22.00 honey…I got it for 2 bucks shipping & handling. 106 more words


Phone scammers getting devious!

I had a call today, from a guy who introduced himself as Alex, from Microsoft! I love these calls!  I duly listened to him telling me about a serious problem with software on my computer. 114 more words


We Energies Reports Alarming Increase in Scams

Wisconsin’s largest utility says there’s an “alarming spike” in telephone scams. We Energies says more than 100 of its customers were called Thursday by thieves who claimed their electricity would be shut off if they didn’t get a prepaid debit card and pay their overdue bills immediately — and at least two customers followed the callers’ orders and lost money. 80 more words

State News

Employment Scam Targets College Students

In a public service message from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, released the 18th of January, the FBI spoke of an employment scam, targeting college students for the ending result of identity theft. 504 more words

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