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Calgary drug house shut down after 30 police calls, machete fight on front yard

A home in northeast Calgary has been shut down due to drug activity and violence that included an overdose and a front-yard fight involving two men and a machete. 216 more words


This tiny pattern makes it impossible to scan or photocopy money

Starting in 1996 the government started adding a pattern on paper money that most modern photocopiers and scanner can catch. This pattern makes it impossible to copy. 50 more words

January 0106 Arena 2006 ☆Mem Ver☆

ユンホ Yunho

ジェジュン Jaejoong

ジュンス Junsu

ユチョン Yoochun

チャンミン Changmin

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January 0106 Arena 2006

Now, It Is Time For 2006 Magazine^^

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Buy cheap, buy twice...

Today has been a stressful, frustrating and disappointing day. Today I got organised and headed out with my portfolio to get my artwork scanned ready to take to a fine art printer. 200 more words

Not playing ball...

Yesterday was supposed to be our 20 week scan. This was something that, after looking on the various yummy mummy communities you get sucked into ‘liking’, was supposed to be a breathtaking and magical moment. 473 more words