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7 Stylish TV Characters for Inspiration

Have you ever liked a TV character for their style ? It certainly makes them more interesting. Here are 7 Stylish Characters from various TV Shows and Movies that have great style.  237 more words

War Of The Roses Marathon: Exclusive Is What Exclusive Does

Katie wants to take it to the next level with her man Luis, but has he already gone to that level with someone else?

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? 16 more words


The Slushie Fund

I don’t think the internet is going to crumble for want of political digression, but I do find it troubling that A) Donald Trump is the candidate of a major political party and B) the other choice is Hillary Clinton. 849 more words


Watch 'Clinton Cash' documentary for free

See what the Clinton’s did for Haiti.  Documentary is devastating to the Clinton posse


Over half of Hillary Clinton's State Department meetings with non-government people were with Clinton Foundation donors

 According to this Associated Press story over half of the meetings Hillary Clinton had with non-government people were held with donors to The Clinton Foundation and the donations totaled about $156 million . 393 more words


As I Predicted, FOX Noise Scandal Grows: Includes Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly settled a lawsuit before it went to trial in 2004. The sexual harassment claim by a female coworker was dropped after money changed hands. 335 more words