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Trans-seasonal x

So here’s the thing – weather in London, in September – particularly this year – is unpredictable.  If the sun does make an appearance there’s the flash of late summer burn, but just as easily the sun can disappear in an instant to be replaced by a cold wind and threatening clouds.   61 more words


Autumnal, Mid Century Orange

Monday morning is here again and it is rather grey and bleak outside so I decided a little bit of colour needed to be injected to kick start this week. 254 more words

Defunc’s Duo Brings Stereo to Mobile Audio

Swedish audio and sound company DeFunc returned to IFA with a suite of new products, including the Speaker Duo mobile audio system, the first of its kind on the market. 132 more words


Eggs and Bananas

Painting the earthenware plate with the range of underglazes and glazes I have managed to accrue slowly and with much thought.

The images I had in mind were so specific in terms of colour, and it seems vital to achieve this, but at the same time I know that whatever comes out of the kiln will be a new thing – One which takes over and supersedes the image, and that, if it looks good, and works, will be enough.


Are Rory Dobner's quirky tiles a "sign"?

This is my first article on this brand new blog. I could make a long introduction, trying to explain who I am, what is my background, what is the purpose of this space (well, does it have one?), which arguments I am planning to discuss with you … or just start writing about my first creative urgency and that’s it. 716 more words


The biggest home interior mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it

Let’s be honest. Sometimes home remodels don’t turn out quite as we expected.

Maybe you planned everything perfectly. You stayed within your budget. You have all you need and it is so easy to clean now when everything’s new. 1,238 more words