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Doujin Deal Two: I Want To See Elizabeth In a Sweater!

Second Release!

When Elizabeth and Meliodas enter an unmentioned city, Meliodas buys Elizabeth quite an exposing sweater. But it seems the sweater was a little too short… 24 more words


Zoo, by Frank Pe and Philippe Bonifay

Zoo is a wonderfully-drawn and well-written comic by Frank and Bonifay. Set just before the First World War, Zoo tells of the story of four people–a doctor, a sculptor, an orphaned child, and a Russian woman with a troubled past–and how a menagerie helped them become a family. 137 more words

Dada Says

Village Idiot's 7th, and Again!!'s 95th-98th

As you may or may not know, today marks Village Idiot’s 7th Anniversary as a scanlation group. Having worked on an absolutely massive amount of series by comparison to others, one might say they are one of the most prestigious groups out there. 86 more words


[Doujinshi] Hakurei's Spirited Away

Editing while struggling in E7 KanColle Summer Event x__x

title: 博麗の神隠し (Hakurei’s Spirited Away)
artist: Reina (黑蛛白蛛)
release date: 2010-08-21
pairing: Yukari Yakumo x Reimu Hakurei… 18 more words


Well, as you might, or not, know, we began scanlating Saintia Sho in English, but from chapter 4 onwards we decided it would be better if we released the latest chapters (starting with chapter 20) along our Spanish edition in order to somehow speed up our releases. 196 more words


Double Release: L♥DK 48 & 49

Hey peeps.

It’s time for part two (and three) of our super release week special! I did of course just make this up, but it’s really exciting right now because we’re about to release a new series starting very soon as well. 249 more words


[Release] Bubunhanten Shorts

Happy Birthday, Hinata!

We’re back with a tiny release about the size of our favorite decoy, Hinata-kun!

It’s his birthday today, so we wanted to contribute by translating a couple shorts by our favorite Kagehina doujinshi artist, Bubunhanten. 58 more words


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