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Release: Tensai Megane ni Kime! chapter 3

Finally! It’s been a long time coming but here’s Chapter 3 of Tensai Megane ni Kime!

Get it here right now (download links below the image)!

Download: mediafire | mega.co.nz


[Doujinshi] SUZUKUMA! Part 1 - Reverse!

Finally my exams are over (hopefully) and I found a bit more spare time recently. Actually, I’ve been working on several projects at the same time, just can’t motivate myself to finish them properly…anyway, this time it’s the first short story of three in this compilation by Kodama Naoko (monaco-meister)! 58 more words


Reading Scanlations Does not Lead to Manga Licensing

I’m about to say some things most of you don’t expect me to say considering my activities with Crimson Flower. But I feel the need to express my opinion on the matter of scanlations and licensing to give readers a different perspective on what manga scanlation can and cannot do. 776 more words


Picking up L♥DK from Matteiru

Lemon Scans will be picking up L♥DK from where Matteiru Scans left off back in September, which is chapter 45, which is volume 12. Expect it within a couple hours of its translation and minimal delays. 156 more words


Work In Progress getting WIPed into shape

Today the WIP scans (Work In Progress Scanlations) had a meeting today discussing our next manga project. Everyone chose which roles they wish to be and all the head of departments got together to discuss the process of how we are going to work on manga. 53 more words