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[Doujinshi] Birthday release: Love Song of Dusk

Still one hour left until the day is over, but happy birthday to me~ I wanted to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes and their constant support for keeping me motivated until today! 79 more words


[MANGA] Kimi no Tame nara Shineru chapter 7

Yay, 5 months after ch06, I can finally release ch07 ;A; It didn’t take too much to work on it, I was just busy with university…and then there was my Japan-trip in-between, so I really didn’t have the time plus motivation to work on kanjis which looked like a black rectangle. 112 more words


[Doujinshi] SUZUKUMA! Part 3 - ventilation

Ah, finally done! I think I’ve been reading the last sentence again and again, just to make sure that I’m reading correctly ;A; but reality is harsh…anyways, I’ve finished the translation for… 107 more words


[Doujinshi] SUZUKUMA! Part 2 - blinder

Part two of this compilation book. Definitely need more SuzuKuma :3
Part one can be found here.

title: blinder
circle: モナコマイスター (コダマナオコ)
release date/event: 2014-12-29 (コミックマーケット87/Comic Market 87) 22 more words


Release: Tensai Megane ni Kime! chapter 3

Finally! It’s been a long time coming but here’s Chapter 3 of Tensai Megane ni Kime!

Get it here right now (download links below the image)!

Download: mediafire | mega.co.nz


[Doujinshi] SUZUKUMA! Part 1 - Reverse!

Finally my exams are over (hopefully) and I found a bit more spare time recently. Actually, I’ve been working on several projects at the same time, just can’t motivate myself to finish them properly…anyway, this time it’s the first short story of three in this compilation by Kodama Naoko (monaco-meister)! 58 more words