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US wants tax exemption on import of security scanners

ISLAMABAD: The United States has requested Pakistan to exempt from duties and taxes the import of security scanners that it wants to install at Karachi port for scanning US-bound export containers under its Container Security Initiative (CSI). 612 more words


Local History Mystery Photos November 20, 2015

Hi everyone, here is a new quartet of Local History Mystery Photos!

As is usual if you click on the individual photos you get a larger view. 352 more words

World? Cronenberg. Cronenberg? World.

A man stands at the head of a half-empty press room. The man describes a new telekinetic technique to the congregation. He recites a long list of possible health side-effects, as if the technique were a new prescription drug. 896 more words

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Czur #Scanner | YouTube #books #scanning #demos #digitization #gadgets

The most difficult problems of scanning books have been solved including flattening curve ,erasing fingerprint, smart edge-cutting and so on. All of these can be done automatically.


Man as a God

A much-needed holiday resulted in so much soul-searching that, frankly, I am badly in need of a holiday, and the one question that has dominated my thinking over the last week continues to bang restlessly at the door of my consciousness, demanding a final answer: if I had Scanner powers, would I use them for good or evil? 561 more words

Number Crunching and You: Resumes in the Hi-Tech Era

Reblogged from Website Link: http://www.eremedia.com/ere/why-you-cant-get-a-job-recruiting-explained-by-the-numbers/

By Dr. John Sullivan

Is your “six seconds of fame” enough to land you a job?

As a professor and a corporate recruiting strategist, I can tell you that very few applicants truly understand the corporate recruiting process. 2,238 more words

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The Importance of the Photographic Print

This post is contributed by Midwest Photo Exchange’s Imaging Expert Angela Smith.

The Importance of the Photographic Print

Prints are the way we photographers see our images come to life…  People want the tactility of an image and not just a digital file that you can view on your computer screen.

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