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Making a wonderful life as a scanner or renaissance soul

Now I understand that being able to do learn quickly and do many things is as valuable as doing one thing well.

You may have heard me speak before about scanners (aka multipotentialites, mulirenaissance souls, people who are into lots of things), but today I want to share some tips from people who identify as scanners on how they create wonderful lives to accommodate their unique way of being in the world.

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It’s not as if I need any more books, but it seems they accumulate faster than they get purged. Library book fair day is always something spontaneously attended as there are a number of small libraries scattered throughout our area where book sales occur throughout the year. 822 more words

Shining The Spotlight On Kyocera Printers in Perth

Do you want an excellent high quality color printer? In that case, you might want to consider Kyocera printers Perth. Maybe you want a printer for business or home purposes. 502 more words

Why Purchase Kyocera Printers in Perth

Are you in search of a top quality color printer? If sure, you may want to try Kyocera printers Perth. Whether you need a printer for domestic printing or industrial uses, Kyocera guarantees to dwell up to your expectations in all respects. 493 more words

Multifunctional Kyocera Printers In Perth WA

Because of the modern competitive business world, wherein the margins of profit are decreasing with every new competition, house owners of companies are on the lookout for ingenious methods to increase profits by lowering working costs. 500 more words

Lifeline to sell luxury vintage fur coats for charity

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LIFELINE staff are waiting with bated breath to see which mystery buyer is going to pop the tags off two luxury vintage fur coats. 4,578 more words

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Work at SRS

My work at SRS involved all sorts of C# programming, such as integrating SDKs to make scanners and atm machines work, using pipes, soap and webservices to maintain connection with existing php and delphi code, and reconstructing existing C# code to allow adaptations to the code.
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