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Giving your passwords the finger: a review of fingerprint scanners

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Leaving your fingerprint on security

I’ve always had a fascination with fingerprint readers. I have always liked the idea of using my fingerprint in order to access files, web sites, or my computer. 494 more words


Why is regular checking and calibration of rotating lasers important?

Construction sites are harsh environments that put incredible strain on rotating lasers. These instruments are not treated with a lot of care – they get dropped, knocked down or toppled over and may also become covered in dirt and concrete. 85 more words


Working Wednesday | Peripheral Research

 Things I would like in order to really sell my art: printer (for fancy prints), printer (for invoices), scanner, art computer.

Fancy Color Printer: I want the colors to print how they look on the screen. 335 more words

PET Scanner Development

http://ift.tt/2ql7vrk Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, a neuroscientist at West Virginia University, places a helmet-like PET scanner on a research subject. The mobile scanner enables studies of human interaction, movement disorders, and more.

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Health Technologies Control Integration