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The story up 'til now

Day minus-1068

June 7, 2013. I had been feeling some mild discomfort in my left testicle that I attributed to basketball. My wife had made a comment some number of unspecified months prior that my nut was kind of big. 2,299 more words

Testicular Cancer

The 20 Week Scan

‘Would you like to know the sex of your baby?’

It was finally time, we had waited a long 20 weeks to be able to know if our baby was going to be a little Elijah or Evelyn.

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Body Scans: Observations and Ideas

It might be expected that it would be more difficult for disabled people to do body scans. In my experience,I am more aware of sensations in my body and I think it might be possible to use this to an advantage in meditation. 490 more words


Finished Chemotherapy

Last Friday, 5th May, was my last scheduled Chemotherapy session.

In a way, the time has flown since I started treatment in December, but in another way it feels like it’s been part of my life for ever! 269 more words