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Love is Dead in the Orlando EDM Scene

The following post is a guest blog by Sid Spurious.

Before anyone loses it, there is love. There are beautiful, soulful, loving couples, and they are usually the backbone of the underground scene. 516 more words


Look At What Happens When Male Models Are Used In A Motorcycle Pin-up Shoot

We’ve all seen the same old pin-up photos before for cars or motorcycles.  Scantily clad women in ankle busting high heels making proverbial love to a high powered racing vehicle.   405 more words


The Evolution of the Swim Suit

This is a REALLY interesting idea on modesty and swimming suits. I’ve honestly never understood the bikini thing. You’re pretty much going out in your bra and underwear. 86 more words

Crazy night

This appears to be Death doing blow off a woman’s ass while she’s flicking off onlookers. Lots of themes here. Very complex stuff.

Anatomy Gone Wrong

I did nazi that one coming...

Submitted by Mira, who notes that this guy (FaZe TrIcKsTuR) “proceeded to repeatedly tell me to “hop on my dick, bitch,” among some other choice phrases.”

Scantily Clad Women


Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t raw dog anyone.

Anatomy Gone Wrong