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poor Rhoda...

So, I bet you are wondering where I got the title for my blog?

Hell, I don’t even know where to start anymore.   So here goes.   724 more words

Golden Child

And Poof! Nothing Is Happening

President Obama sings Amazing Grace (C-SPAN)

What a week this has been. The “fast track” for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is passed into law. The Supreme Court rules on gay marriage and on the Affordable Care Act. 783 more words

Working In Rain & Thinking

Yesterday I worked in the rain, building a partially hidden area for our trashcan and recycling bins along a side of our house. I had cemented posts in the ground the evening before, and laid plastic and pavers. 1,002 more words

Mimetic Desire, Scapegoating, and Violence

From birth, human beings develop and learn by means of imitation. The ability to speak, for example, is something learned by copying the sounds of one’s parents. 1,545 more words


Were the YVR Mounties scapegoated for political reasons?

The more time I spend looking into the case of the four RCMP officers who responded to a call to YVR in October, 2007 which resulted in the tragic death of Robert Dziekanski, the more it appears they were railroaded, or scapegoated if you will. 1,571 more words


White guilt is a scam. So how did it get on the agenda?

One thing is certain. It didn’t get there because our rulers were suddenly mortified by the exploitation of their ancestors in the past. If so they wouldn’t be carrying on the same exploitation today. 901 more words

What can we say?

A couple of years ago, when I found some old ‘Cracker’ box sets at our local DVD shop, I watched Fitz, Cracker’s criminal psychologist, speak about racism. 734 more words

Nicci Attfield