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The White-Trash Scapegoat

In 2011, I wrote this article about media class bigotry and its consequences. There have been some further developments on this story. I’ll have a post on that later. 1,668 more words


Narcissist parents demonize their own children.

Most parents like to tell cute and funny stories about when their children were young, or brag about their school accomplishments or tell sweet stories that show their child in a flattering or loving light. 1,597 more words

Malignant Narcissism

Divorce Gets UGLY

Because there’s NO “good” in goodbye, despite what it reads!!!

Divorce gets ugly, because, we’d be play the kids against each other, and, for them, it’s either that I’m on mommy’s side, betraying daddy, or that I’m on daddy’s side, betraying mommy… 170 more words

Cost Of Living

How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim

Once upon a time we were all victims. We were helpless children who could not feed ourselves or dress ourselves. We were not strong enough to fight the violence or emotional abuse. 446 more words


The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, by Ursula K. Le Guin

How much is your personal happiness worth? How much individual suffering will you tolerate to ensure social harmony? How much environmental degradation and how many foreign wars will you tolerate to maintain your standard of living? 173 more words


Media coverage of family courts could prompt increased hostility towards social workers

Original Post from Community Care

‘A feature sponsored by UNISON

by Garybrigden on January 8, 2015 in Community Care

New research by Community Care shows that almost 80% of social workers are thinking of leaving their jobs because of stress. 351 more words