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It's not about sacrifice

Certainly the Passion is presented to us in the Gospels as an act that brings salvation to humanity. But it is in no way presented as a sacrifice. 554 more words


Quote 157 - Abusive Relationship

Survivors of family scapegoating must learn to trust their feelings and perceptions.

Dysfunctional Family

The wrong paradox

Permit me one final quote from Mark Heim’s Saved from Sacrifice. I heartily recommend this book to you. Coupled with other Girard resources I’ve been looking at, this Lent/Easter season is turning into a kind of second conversion to Christianity for me. 2,642 more words

Greg Boyd

You Killed Him

He heard an otherworldly scream echo out into the darkness. It felt as if cold icy fingers clawed their way up his back, searching for his soul. 793 more words


Hopelessly two-storied

Greg Boyd had a Q&A at Woodland Hills this past Sunday evening (with Dennis Edwards and Bruxy Cavey) about his new (2 vol) work The Crucifixion of the Warrior God… 922 more words

Greg Boyd

Suffering servant

One more passage from Mark Heim’s Saved from Sacrifice. There are a dozen passages I’d like here to reproduce from this insightful book, but I’ll try to make this the final post and encourage you to acquire and read the book for yourself. 1,911 more words

Biblical Passages

Advice on Avoiding Pastoral Manipulation

“Most beloved brethren, today is manifest in you what the Lord says in the Gospel, ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them.’ Unless the Lord God had been present in your spirits, all of you would not have uttered the same cry. 3,162 more words