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Harvest of Hatred

Using rhythm and rhyming couplets
I enjoy creating mental scenes;
Though I’ve had people call me snowflake,
I like to remain calm and serene

Too many easily are angered… 170 more words


Aug Tellez & Patricia Farrington 8-8-2017

Live in people’s DNA
Questions for public, answered through videos
Self Validation
Lion’s Gate
Solar Flare
Memory Restored
Memory and Guidance
Interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, September Viewing… 95 more words


Fuck This Shit, I'm Out

I still haven’t really spoken with my sister since I had the huge realization that I was the scapegoat of my family. I told her about it and that it was the most agonizingly painful realization I’ve ever had. 709 more words

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

One of the things I’m supposed to do in The Artist’s Way is be open to the idea that the universe will send me messages or hints or something. 751 more words

How to Make People Believe Absolutely Anything (In 5 Simple Steps)

Anyone — yes, even you — can induce people, or at least a large number of people, to believe absolutely anything, no matter how absurd. And there is plenty of living proof out there. 1,260 more words



I was my family’s scapegoat.

I can see it now for the first time. I had no idea. It’s so obvious now. This is really doing my nut in. 368 more words

Quote 122 - Dysfunctional Family Scapegoat (1)

Motivation of the rest of the dysfunctional family for degrading and demeaning the scapegoat.

Dysfunctional Family