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Zero credibility

In the eyes of his family, the scapegoat is so discardable — a non-person — that even his most innocuous statement of fact must be rejected. 236 more words

On the other hand ...

The pain of being ostracized by one’s “family” — the people who are genetically closest to you; the people whom your young self depended on for growth and survival; the people who theoretically have the greatest investment in your well-being, because nature wants the genetic line to continue — the pain of being ostracized by them is intense beyond description. 109 more words

The power of gaslighting

If you haven’t seen the 1944 movie Gaslight, please do — it’s a masterfully creepy thriller and an insightful look at some of the worst aspects of human nature (within the sanitized confines of a 1940s mainstream movie, of course). 23 more words

In the beginning, there was ...

… dysfunctional familial behavior, passed down over the generations. 6 more words

The crustacean that broke the scapegoat’s back.

The night of the crab meat — that was it, for me. Finally.

Imagine it’s 1964, and though you’ve read The Feminine Mystique, it hasn’t quite taken hold, so when your philandering turd of a spouse tells you, again and again, that he… 394 more words

The Roles in the Game - Scapegoat

Obviously you have the Game Player, Game Master perhaps! The N person that controls you without you even knowing it, leaving you in a confused and bewildered state, perhaps offering enough tit bits to you or to others in your family dependent on your role within that game – negative or positive, to detract and deflect from a lie, a situation that will crash the game. 497 more words


Psychology # 16 - Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde

This seems a very difficult term, it came to my realization years ago when I read a nice book about “Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde” symptoms. 70 more words

Dysfunctional Family