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The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred, by Greg Egan

The Four Thousand, The Eight Hundred, by Greg Egan (Subterranean Press, 2016, 88 pp., $40 library edition, $2.99 e-book)

reviewed by Zeke Teflon

Australian sci-fi author has produced a novella that seems eerily relevant to the present-day political situation in the United States, with the rise of Donald Trump and the racist right, and Trump’s scapegoating of Mexican and Muslim immigrants. 400 more words


Quote of the day # 31 : Dysfunctional Family Role

The scapegoat – typically the child often described as imitating, deceitful, hostile and disobedient.

There are families that always focus on a specific child, claiming that he / she is the root of all problems in family.

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Dysfunctional Family

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Sorry for Making You Take the Fall for My Behaviors, the Words I Couldn’t Say

Because you didn’t know better, and you’d not want to get punished, so, you’d LIED, translated…

It was in the fifth grade year, there was a classmate, Chih with cerebral palsy, he belonged to the children who were bullied like the slimly, scared me. 494 more words

Experiences Of Life

Google Hangout

Let’s hang out!  Join our Google Hangout Sunday, 11/27, from 2-4 PM EST.  Meet podcasters Nancy and Dan Byrd for a virtual get-together. We’ll answer your podcast questions, discuss the show, and let you know what we’ve got planned for 2017. 51 more words

Mob rule

The reaction of the tabloid press to the High Court ruling that parliament must have a necessary involvement in the Brexit process was both contemptible yet predictable. 183 more words




“The rise of police officer suicides” (the police units are getting tenser by the minute), “the number of middle school dropouts are on the rise (the alarms sounding off in the systems of education), “a mental patient attacked a pedestrian on the roads” (the Department of Health and Safety on high alert)…………as the media passed these sorts of topics, I would usually show up, using the status of a mental health professional. 1,185 more words

Experiences Of Life