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Populists Feeding on Paranoia

I live in western Europe. When I was younger (I’m in my mid-forties now), relatively few people openly discussed their bigoted views, because they feared a backlash. 166 more words

Blame Mentality

What is the difference between actually being a victim, or someone who is exhibiting a victim mentality?

Victim Mentality says “I am a victim of life”. 585 more words

Domestic Violence

Quote 147 - Scapegoat's relationship

Scapegoat can be attracted to people who repeatedly neglect, abuse or victimize them, which bolsters shame and self-blame.

Dysfunctional Family

Don't Shut Up, Your Voice Matters

Well Friends, I have been dumbfounded. I haven’t been sure what to write about lately because there is just so much sad news, I can hardly bear to write about it.  1,203 more words


Quote 143 - Scapegoating abuse

Scapegoating is a form of systemic abuse where a family member is blamed for problem and dysfunction while family system as a whole.

Dysfunctional Family

A Husband Couldn’t Find the Man Whom His Wife Was Cheating on Him With, So, He’d Taken His Anger Out on the Other Man’s Mother

Scapegoating, just because you couldn’t find the man your wife’s been cheating on you with, still does NOT give you the right, to take it all out on his mother!!! 409 more words

Experiences Of Life

Psychology # 36 : Lost Child

Umm….though I’m a scapegoat, but do find some of the characteristics from “Lost Child”.

I was so QUIET and always lock myself in room for days, dive into reading and own stuffs in order to escape from the dysfunction / chaos at home. 38 more words

Dysfunctional Family