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When people enslave they are forced to become liars - especially after the slaves are freed.

The situation of slavery forces people to work beyond human endurance while subsisting on resources inadequate to support life. Those who survive can work harder than anyone else, sustain worse conditions, and become innovative at solving problems with inadequate or unsuitable resources, and work smart. 442 more words

The Stupid / Insane Bullshit of Jesus / Christianity

To be fair I don’t know if the crap attributed to Jesus was actually said by a Jesus or if it was made up by the insane mother fuckers that dreamed up the moronic cult called Christianity.  2,017 more words


Your 'mental Issues' And Scapegoating

It has been quite a ride over the past month or so. I have moved across the country and am very happy to be here. Living with someone else who has PTSD is actually a relief. 72 more words

Title, Tagline and the Journey of this Blog (Blogging 101) by Rick London

  • Note for blogging101 co-bloggers: This blog’s title is Blogging 101: Why Am I Here and it’s tagline is “Art, Autism, And Amnesia”
  • Note for all other visitors: It’s just another blog from me.
  • 310 more words
Offbeat Cartoons

poor Rhoda...

So, I bet you are wondering where I got the title for my blog?

Hell, I don’t even know where to start anymore.   So here goes.   724 more words

Golden Child

And Poof! Nothing Is Happening

President Obama sings Amazing Grace (C-SPAN)

What a week this has been. The “fast track” for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is passed into law. The Supreme Court rules on gay marriage and on the Affordable Care Act. 783 more words

Working In Rain & Thinking

Yesterday I worked in the rain, building a partially hidden area for our trashcan and recycling bins along a side of our house. I had cemented posts in the ground the evening before, and laid plastic and pavers. 1,002 more words