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Who's to Blame?

That’s the question so many want to know the answer to.  Who’s to blame for the rise of Trump? Who’s to blame for the rise of Sanders?  330 more words


Contradicting Racist Explanations for a Shitty Economy Doesn't Mean Our Economy Isn't Shitty.

When I saw the picture of the protest sign that read “Roses are red, Tacos are enjoyable, Don’t blame a Mexican just because you’re unemployable!” my first reaction, like the reaction of anyone who isn’t a seething racist, was “Oh, that’s great.” Yep, it rhymes and it’s funny. 566 more words



It’s raining in San Francisco.

Damn hippies.

The Myth of the Myth of Palestine

It is, if I may be frank, quite pathetic that the spurious charge of a myth should so perpetuate itself.  In fact, it is nothing other than Girardian scapegoating on an industrial scale.  1,378 more words


#DumpTrump--How Did we Get Here?

March 25, 2016

“Stopping Trump is a short-term solution. The long-term solution, and it will be more difficult, is fixing the education system that has created so many people ignorant enough to vote for Trump.” Andy Borowitz… 561 more words