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The Scapegoat's Escape

I. As we take this journey together, let’s hold onto what we’re singing throughout the service: “Where charity and love about, there God is found.” 1,709 more words


Sight and Vision Recreated

When I last posted a blog post on the story of Jesus healing a man born blind (Jn. 9), I suggested in passing that Jesus’ daubing the man’s eyes with mud mixed with his spittle and asking him to wash it at Siloam recalled the creation of the first human out of clay in Genesis 2. 618 more words


On the politics of fear

” …the politics of fear, of directing blame for all the economic and social ills that our societies face on jobs, on housing, on wages, on services, away from the bankers, the tax dodgers, the multinational corporations, to immigrant and minorities and those who struggle ” 6 more words


The Scapegoat is the child refuses to look content

The Scapegoat – the one who refuse to stay silent in unbearable atmosphere created in family.

Dysfunctional Family

Haiku, Populists

“President or Pope, – Trump or Anti-Trump, hateful – rage or discernment”


Puritan descendants in New England?

There’s an idea going around the Internet that the liberal/progressive politics of New England are attributable to the fact that the people there are the descendants of the old Puritan colonists. 612 more words