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Tory Housing Transformation Nothing more than another attack on the poorest

Sadiq Khan was in yesterday’s Mirror offering his opinion on the Tories “plan to transform sink estates“;  he speaks of how “having a secure and affordable home meant my parents could build a better life for me…”; this was also my experience. 731 more words

In the Case of the Middle School Getting Bullied, the School Fired Her Homeroom Teacher

Uh, can someone say: SCAPEGOATING, and this is still not, solving the problems here, but hey, someone HAS to “hang”, in order to, satisfy the public here, from the… 754 more words

The Consequences Of Life

The What and Why of Xenophobia 2

Part Two: What makes people xenophobic?

In my last post, I described xenophobia as a kind of sociological phenomenon – almost as though it’s something that we are naturally programmed to feel. 1,197 more words


I have a request.  Can we stop blaming each other whenever something bad happens?

Can the left take a breath instead of speaking viciously against any and all conservatives and their ideas.  851 more words


Victims of Procedural Abuse Are Invited to Post Their Stories Here

The success of the “justice system” to squelch reports of its misconduct, as many who visit this site could attest, depends on isolation. Administrators of that system corral men and women behind closed doors and excoriate them. 971 more words

Restraining Order Abuse