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Getting Introduced to the Adult World Too Soon...

This, is a story, of innocence, lost!

Getting introduced to the adult world too soon, because I was raised, by IMBECILES!  And, because those IMBICILES couldn’t even KEEP their fucked up marriage together, I was, forced to shoulder UP the responsibilities of doing that FOR them, and, for a very long time, ALL the way, into my 26th, I’d carried this heavy burden upon my shoulders, and, it all became, way, way, WAY back don’t know when, when his FUCKED up DEAD mother (and no, god will NOT rest HER soul!) told me, “you have the responsibilities to keep your parents together”, and, I was only eight or nine, or maybe, just ten, really can’t recall, and I’d lost my innocence. 205 more words


"Someday, there might be more people here illegally than legally"

tl;dr version goes like this:  Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) slams Congress for not backing President Obama’s immigration reform measures, not based on merit but on the fact that Congress itself hasn’t done anything about immigration reform. 194 more words


My son's father turned from a loving dad into a monster.

My son at about 9 months. His dad doted on him then.

Turning on a child who was initially loved and doted on is not unusual for malignant narcissist parents. 1,249 more words


How to tell, “The emperor has no clothes!” in business meetings

The business meeting is an inescapable part of work. Regardless if you’re a business owner or career professional, you would always be attending some, if not a lot, in the course of your career. 536 more words


Scapegoating As A Sport

Between 1983 and 1984, about 2 million Ghanaians were expelled from Nigeria. Shagari’s government had failed miserably: people were scared, hungry and angry. The Ghanaians were blamed for Nigeria’s economic woes even though they neither had the economic clout nor would wish to do so. 1,303 more words


The link between capitalism and racism | REDFLAG


Funny how socialists want to define Racism & neglect Socialisms own Racists rants against Israel, which is a Nation, as well of people who are Indigenous Israelis.
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Wars & Rumours Of War

I am Hagar. I am Sarah.

There are a few too many violent texts in the Hebrew Bible causing me, and I know many others, some fair discomfort.  We can cite the blame cast in the Garden of Eden, the murder of Abel, the Binding of Isaac, the woes of Job, the Purim massacre, the casting out of Hagar and Ishmael, the resistance of Jonah, or the expulsion of Vashti, to name a few examples (let’s not even approach the content of Judges…).  879 more words