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A Man Plucked the Side Mirrors from a BMW Claimed that He Thought the Car Was His Boss’s

Are you serious? Just because you got upset by your boss, you’d, vandalized what you thought was his property??? From the Front Page Sections, translated… 428 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Giant Screeching Metal Crayon Amalgamation (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 224)

A child comes into the restaurant with her grandmother and they both sit down together besides me. The child appears to be maybe three to five years old and she immediately displays a knee jerk response of inappropriate social shyness towards me (an unknown authority figure) when I say hello and wave at her in a goofy but amicable manner. 973 more words

Righteous Rulers

When was the last time we had a righteous leader in this (or any) nation? Go ahead; check your history, but look closely with both eyes open. 491 more words


In some areas out west, it is possible to look at the surface of the ground and trace fault lines likely to be the hypocenter of future earthquakes. 652 more words

Judge Others Lest You Might Judge Yourself (Warrior Poet Mental Yoga 219)

If you believe

the alcoholic,

the pill popper,

the meth head,

the cigarette smoker,


the sex addict,

all to be

intolerable, insufferable, and pitiful, 72 more words


Ever have one of those viral messages pop up on your PC trying to convince you you have a virus when you don’t? If you ignore the message you can continue using your PC without any problems. 97 more words