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Awareness Exercise - Scapula Depression / Lower Trapezius

Today, a patient of mine was having difficulty performing a seated cable retraction. His upper trap was taking over the exercise and he could not tell which direction his scapula was headed. 299 more words

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The Squat Fix: Scapular Stability Pt 2

Welcome back to Squat University! Last week we started a conversation on scapular stability. The muscles that control the scapula help stabilize the barbell during an overhead squat or snatch movement in a strong and safe position. 637 more words

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Half Side Bridge Spectacular

The half side bridge (HSB) is a great exercise that should be considered remedial. Unfortunately, for most people the HSB is very challenging. The simplicity of the exercise doesn’t mean it is not taxing or without nuances that can make the exercise even more difficult and beneficial. 467 more words

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The Squat Fix: Scapular Stability Pt 1

Imagine for a moment a young boy helping his father set up a tall ladder. The young boy kneels at the base of the ladder, firmly securing it to the ground. 426 more words

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Thoughts on a Swimmer's Program

Some exercises that would be beneficial for a swimmer to have incorporated into their program would be:

  • Pullover variations
  • Dead bug variations
  • Plank variations

Along with the scapular stability that we all agree a swimmer needs, trunk stability is of utmost importance. 17 more words

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Side-lying Shoulder Flexion

One exercise I have been implementing in my scapular dyskinesis cases that I feel is potentially overlooked is side-lying shoulder flexion. I use this for the good upper trapezius (UT) to middle trapezius (MT) ratio, but I believe if going unchecked the ratio can be skewed by a more dominate upper trap. 189 more words

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Maintaining Healthy Shoulders: Shoulder Pain and Thoracic Mobility (Part 1 of an Infinite Series)

If you’ve been weight training for any significant length of time you’ve invariably experienced some form of shoulder discomfort or pain. Small shoulders aches often develop into debilitating chronic pain, making resistance training a distant and dangerous luxury. 1,169 more words