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Dynamic Warm-Up

 Dynamic Warm-Up

A series of movements designed to mobilise the body from head to toe, encourage stability of the spine and increase awareness on correct postural alignment. 14 more words

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Solving the mysteries of shoulder pain

I spent all day Saturday on a shoulder course (thanks BWT Physio in Poole), learning that shoulder pain is more often linked to your posture, the position of your torso, or dysfunction in your shoulder blades rather than problems in your actual shoulder joint. 48 more words

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The scapula










Sucapla(shoulder blades)…Move the shoulder blades, It is returned to the correct position. And we can expect a lot of effect. 307 more words

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Knowing the major muscle groups (Pt3)

Let’s move on to some of the major muscle groups found in the front of the body. In this post we’ll discuss the location and action of four muscles: Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Biceps Brachii, and Serratus Anterior. 645 more words


to love yoga

Try to remember how you feel when you are a yoga student and it is time for “savasana” (deep relaxation and resting pose). Slow and easy breath, calm, comfortable and peaceful… You are exhaling deeply and some time later you cannot even hear your breath. 1,688 more words

It all started with the winging...

A patient presents to me c/o “tightness” in his chest and anterior shoulder bilaterally. He reports that the tightness doesn’t cause pain however he feels really weak especially when trying to raise his arms overhead. 103 more words

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