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Scapular Retractions and Protraction - SCAPTIONS

In both active and sedentary populations, a disconnect between stability and movement of the upper extremity exists at an alarming rate.

“What?” you ask.

The capability to slightly modify shoulder blade position gives the body a chance to stabilize the arms, neck, and head throughout full neck and shoulder range of motion.   81 more words


Amulet 4

I’m new to the Amulet series, dropping in at book 4. And while the cover didn’t scream Roman military adventure at me, I have confidence in the quality of Fred’s writing, from his earlier Galdir books. 496 more words


Scapula Depressions


This is an exercise that is great to do if you get an ache in your upper to mid back, between your shoulder blades. I’d also recommend it if you have chronic neck pain or if you are the kind of person who does things with their arms in front of them, such as riding a bike, chopping vegetables, typing on a computer, sweeping, holding a steering wheel, carrying a backpack, and photographing cats. 242 more words

Back Pain

Dynamic Warm-Up

 Dynamic Warm-Up

A series of movements designed to mobilise the body from head to toe, encourage stability of the spine and increase awareness on correct postural alignment. 14 more words

Exercise Videos

Solving the mysteries of shoulder pain

I spent all day Saturday on a shoulder course (thanks BWT Physio in Poole), learning that shoulder pain is more often linked to your posture, the position of your torso, or dysfunction in your shoulder blades rather than problems in your actual shoulder joint. 48 more words

Injury Prevention

The scapula










Sucapla(shoulder blades)…Move the shoulder blades, It is returned to the correct position. And we can expect a lot of effect. 307 more words

Italian Life

Knowing the major muscle groups (Pt3)

Let’s move on to some of the major muscle groups found in the front of the body. In this post we’ll discuss the location and action of four muscles: Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Biceps Brachii, and Serratus Anterior. 645 more words