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“Air-Dry Clay” and dead insects.

I looked up the bug and as near as I can figure it’s some type of scarab beetle.  I found it in the backyard…as dead as a door nail. 91 more words

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New Scarab Beetle from Cambodia Named After Roman Goddess of Love

A team of Japanese scientists found and described a new species of scarab beetle from Cambodia. The beetle was named Termitotrox venus after Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love. 188 more words

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Lawns Are Dumb: Exomala orientalis (Oriental Beetle)

After work today I went out in the yard to see what bugs I might find. Here’s one which my Kaufman field guide (an actual book, with pictures and text and stuff) along with Google search leads me to identify as an “oriental beetle,” also known as the “Asiatic beetle.” This is different from a Japanese beetle. 787 more words

Crystal Haul

I went to one of the BSSK mind, body, spirit fairs on Saturday and, amongst other things, I picked up some lovely new crystals.  I’ve written before about… 344 more words