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Masked - The Scarab, continued (8)

The story begins with Masked – The Fortress (1).

The beetle held preternaturally still. It did not even wave its antennae. John fancied that it had paused to weigh an arcane internal calculation, but the pause grew to an awkward length. 490 more words


Masked - The Scarab (7)

The story begins with Masked – The Fortress (1).

A dung beetle. Scarabeus sacer. John had looked at pictures of different beetles on the Internet for what had felt like hours, but when he checked his computer’s corner readout, it really hadn’t taken him long at all to identify the transparent gift from Bloodwater. 580 more words



Anubis tattoo I made back in November 2015. Egyptian iconography has been popular in tattooing for a long time now, however I don’t get asked to do this stuff in a traditional tattoo style as much as I would like!


Now available from my Etsy store: Day & Night Scarab Prayer Beads + P&P changes

Follow the journey of the sun God Ra through the sky. The lighter scarabs represent Khepera rolling the sun through the sky during the daytime, and the darker ones represent Ra’s journey through the Duat at night. 153 more words


On Balance (Scarab Beetle, Scarabaeidae)

These little pink flowers sprout up every year, and they tend to make very nice backdrops if I am lucky enough to find a photogenic insect on them. 49 more words

Macro Photography

Stone in Love

My husband collects vintage bicycles, and he had a nap dream this afternoon in which he had acquired a Journey-themed bike. All of the bike needed restoration except for the head badge and its screws. 281 more words


The Oro Valley Desert & Readings

The Desert

I loved to watch the wildlife at my last house – the deer, raccoon, javelinas, bobcats, rabbits (cottontail and jackrabbit), and all of the birds (especially the roadrunners and hawks). 685 more words