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Scare Tactics

We use them. Slander/defamation/threats of being Removed from relatives/not allowed in church with your family/kids Kept from school/bully Teachers/Pronounced You are going to Hell via pastors/Yada Yada. 306 more words

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Are You Scared Yet? You Should Be!

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I remember about ten or so years ago, there was a TV show called Scare Tactics. The basic premise was that it was a prank show, where your friend would set you up to go into a scenario where something supernatural and potentially life threatening would happen (ghost, monster, alien, serial killer, you get the point. 993 more words


CAIR Whips Pre-Election Hysteria and Fear Against FBI

IPT News
November 7, 2016

Federal law enforcement officials reported concern Friday over vague threats of an al-Qaida terrorist attack that could come today in an attempt to disrupt Tuesday’s U.S. 1,067 more words

Counter Jihad Report


It’s Halloween, and we’re supposed to be afraid of witches and goblins. However, the scare this Halloween is not so much zombies as it is our presidential election. 133 more words

The Republican Candidate

Mr. Trump,


Prior to the 1962 election of John Kennedy, rumblings from the conservative far right and from many Evangelicals was that the election of Mr. 294 more words

DC pols are using Russian hacker scare to push federalizing the U.S. election system

U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies are probing what they see as a broad covert Russian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcoming presidential election and in U.S. 271 more words

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The I in Dickhead

Fuck ‘em, we’ll scare ‘em shitless, arrest any fucker who shares unhealthy opinions publicly, focus on the popular ones, I want them seen behind bars, I want news of arrests in all newspapers and on all websites, let them know some words will not be tolerated, talk to our guys in the purple church, tell ‘em to report any and all annoyances to me personally, they’re our friends, we scratch their backs they’ll scratch ours, I want at least one host to speak freely about speech-related arrests, I want him to be serious, frustrated, and scared, he will scare his listeners, show them we don’t even care, don’t bother with disclosing matters that may cause controversy, and let some dissenters speak, I want them fighting together, two teams, send our guys to show unlimited support for us on the streets and on talk shows, 1984 my ass, we’ll give ‘em 2016.


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