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Shoutout to NCO's

Thank you SFC Unnamed for “scaring” everyone into a ‘No Contact Order’. Because girls whine about other people to a sergeant you’re going to call people into a meeting at 2200 on a Saturday night giving them a verbal no contact order? 246 more words


Today's Funny: Hilarious Human-Rat Prank Scares Man Into a Frenzy on 'Scare Tactics'

I used to watch Scare Tactics all the time, and I have to say, this episode is definitely one of my all-time favs. I hadn’t seen it in a while, but watching it again made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts!


There are no words...

Found in my stash of notes people have given me over the years in the Dominican Republic.

Walk a Mile in My...

Dude… really?
You’re homeless?
Why are you homeless?
That would never happen to me.
It just wouldn’t, man.
I bet you have a lot of fun, huh? 151 more words

Fear Mongering in Advertising

The other day in my public relations class, we briefly started talking about the power of fear mongering, or scare tactics, in advertising. We talked about the anti-smoking ad that featured a woman who had a laryngectomy and had a valve in a hole in her throat. 354 more words

Public Relations

Desert Dreaming

Let me start off this post by saying that every single climbing trip I have been on has given me something to hold on to. Whether it be a concrete victory or a pensive failure – I have never returned home the exact same person as before I left. 904 more words