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Blumhouse Television to Revive Reality Series 'Scare Tactics' (EXCLUSIVE)

Blumhouse Television has teamed with producer Scott Hallock to produce a new edition of the horror reality series “Scare Tactics.”

The prank show that ran five seasons on Syfy between 2003 and 2013 revolves around unsuspecting marks who are set up by friends and family members to stumble into situations that resemble scenes from classic horror pics. 164 more words


Non-Kosher Smartphone: One Million Hitlers, Seeks to Destroy Jewish Communities, Institutions, and Rabbis

via Frum Watch:

One hasidic sect notably absent from the list on this warning is Chabad.  This was never a problem in Chabad.  The rabbi and his wife always put their “charity” dollars to good use and had the latest model smartphone and other tech gear.  71 more words


Video: Salute 2017

On the 22nd April 2017, South London Warlords hosted the annual Salute event, the largest one-day gaming event in the UK held in the ExCeL London venue, hosting stands from a whole host of war games miniatures, games and scenery suppliers. 133 more words


Repeal & Replace

To sum up what I said on how the ACA is Already to Blame…

Democrats are using old scare tactics, claiming people w/ coverage will lose their insurance if GOP repeals the ACA, apparently unaware that people are losing their insurance anyways. 15 more words

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Saturday Morning Rant: Not Every Story Is A Big Deal

I’ll make this short because I don’t know why I have to explain this in the year 2016.

This is a legitimate news story. A 9 year-old kid in North Carolina sat on Santa’s lap and was told to lay off the hamburgers and fries because he’s a chubby kid. 286 more words

Saturday Morning Rants

Scare Tactics

We use them. Slander/defamation/threats of being Removed from relatives/not allowed in church with your family/kids Kept from school/bully Teachers/Pronounced You are going to Hell via pastors/Yada Yada. 306 more words

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