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Dispelling the Doom and Gloom

There have been some scary newspaper articles and television interviews about what happens if the voters do not approve ” ANY Levy”. The $995,000.00 is ” A Levy” Do you see the difference here? 463 more words



In light of recent events, both locally and nationally, I would like to take a moment to voice my opinion.  Stop reading now if you’ve literally had it up to “here” with all the talk of Baltimore Riots and such. 1,171 more words

Is immigration really to blame in uk?

For a while now we have had parties like ukip and bnp pretty much blaming immigration on all the problems that the uk has (only slight exaggeration). 410 more words

Uk General Election

Guyana Elections: Scare tactics can lead to serious consequences - commentary

Scare tactics can lead to serious consequences

April 16, 2015 | By KNews | Filed Under Editorial

Scare tactics are being used to garner votes during the upcoming elections. 721 more words


An open letter to PETA supporters, don't believe everything you read.

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Grossly generalised, over sensationalised hype, generated for nothing more than to brainwash the uneducated into believing in something that is hugely misrepresented. 663 more words



I honestly have no idea if I even finished the damn ABC Diet.  With Easter stuck in there, I don’t even know the date today.  What I do know is I am so tired.   516 more words

Just Life

Shoutout to NCO's

Thank you SFC Unnamed for “scaring” everyone into a ‘No Contact Order’. Because girls whine about other people to a sergeant you’re going to call people into a meeting at 2200 on a Saturday night giving them a verbal no contact order? 246 more words