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Non-Kosher Smartphone: One Million Hitlers, Seeks to Destroy Jewish Communities, Institutions, and Rabbis

via Frum Watch:

One hasidic sect notably absent from the list on this warning is Chabad.  This was never a problem in Chabad.  The rabbi and his wife always put their “charity” dollars to good use and had the latest model smartphone and other tech gear.  71 more words


Video: Salute 2017

On the 22nd April 2017, South London Warlords hosted the annual Salute event, the largest one-day gaming event in the UK held in the ExCeL London venue, hosting stands from a whole host of war games miniatures, games and scenery suppliers. 133 more words


Repeal & Replace

To sum up what I said on how the ACA is Already to Blame…

Democrats are using old scare tactics, claiming people w/ coverage will lose their insurance if GOP repeals the ACA, apparently unaware that people are losing their insurance anyways. 15 more words

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Saturday Morning Rant: Not Every Story Is A Big Deal

I’ll make this short because I don’t know why I have to explain this in the year 2016.

This is a legitimate news story. A 9 year-old kid in North Carolina sat on Santa’s lap and was told to lay off the hamburgers and fries because he’s a chubby kid. 286 more words

Saturday Morning Rants

Scare Tactics

We use them. Slander/defamation/threats of being Removed from relatives/not allowed in church with your family/kids Kept from school/bully Teachers/Pronounced You are going to Hell via pastors/Yada Yada. 306 more words

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CAIR Whips Pre-Election Hysteria and Fear Against FBI

IPT News
November 7, 2016

Federal law enforcement officials reported concern Friday over vague threats of an al-Qaida terrorist attack that could come today in an attempt to disrupt Tuesday’s U.S. 1,067 more words

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