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Scare yourself…today!

Eleanor Roosevelt, who was an inspiring woman, is well known not just for her work, but also for some amazing quotes, that are still relevant today. 241 more words

Who Am I?

The Scarehouse (2014)

“Two years after a tragic accident, six college girls are invited to a party inside an elaborate Halloween funhouse. Once inside, the girls realize their hosts intentions are not all fun and games” 569 more words


Hotel Doom

The man behind the desk seems strange.
He talks in whispers, has no face;
It is like an image blurred.
A scary chill I fell unearth… 192 more words


A Certain Period & Time

A few days late

Nothing to fret

It’s just my nerves

I’d place a bet

But when he smiles

At the thought

I lose the struggle

With which I fought.


Exorcism Roulette

The Last Exorcism is just another small time film trying to take down the classic 1970 film starring Linda Blair. While almost nothing will compare to  158 more words


Vine Of The Day: I Meant To Do That- 02.26.15

There is so much gold on Vine it’s hard to narrow down a favorite, but I’ve decided to try. Each day I’ll post the funniest/most creative/coolest/most entertaining six-second video I can find. 52 more words


Favorite Scare Attempts

Ellen has had a lot of fun scaring her guests over the past year. Today she put together this hilarious montage of all her favorite scare moments.