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The Unseen

She didn’t believe in things that go bump in the night. But sometimes, when she was home alone, she heard a noise upstairs. It sounded like somebody running from one room to another. 62 more words


Ghost Noise

This is a wake up

A crude sound in the darkness

With no direction


Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters-Cover by Heart

I’m calling this blog post, a theory on modern day horror movies.

We’ve all heard of Friday the Thirteenth, we’ve all seen that one horror movie as kids that made us terrified of the closet. 398 more words

Small Mercies - Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for small mercies. This last week, Mom tripped over some shoes that hadn’t been put away properly. She had been moving a chair at the time and couldn’t catch herself. 134 more words


Moved to Scottsdale, get a pacemaker

We won’t be running the Imogene Pass this year like we thought we would. Izaak decided he wanted a pacemaker instead.

It’s been four weeks since Izaak passed out at the kitchen table while we discussed where we would go camping the following weekend. 152 more words


Man scares bear!


Gotta love this… man scares a wild bear away. We see another example where being bold and confident wins the day… unless you’re dealing with a brown bear or Kodiak bear — then you’re their morning snack. 29 more words


A**hole roommates scare the crap out of their friend

You’d think he would eventually get desensitized to it.