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I Think I Just Got Dumped..

I was lying down in bed pretending to be sleep while Gerald (My boyfriend) is tip-toeing around the room trying to be quiet as possible. … 122 more words

three part post. part two.

So here’s that promised three part post, part two.

Let me just talk about what really happened.

Back in January, during a thunderstorm, some random guy came knocking at our door at 1AM. 305 more words


You're Not Afraid Of The Dark, You're Afraid Of What Hides In It

I’ve learnt from a previous post that nudity in horror movies is not just there to provide either titillation or susceptibility but in fact vulnerability in the viewer; a secret by no means but a tool used to bring a person watching more than just a viewing experience but something that will sneak into there subconscious and leave its mark. 438 more words

Haiku #33

As words spilled from mouth
An alarming convulsion
Crossed from limb to limb



I am differently
of each

thematically, father hopes

to operate
on a clown

to his

my hunger
is having
a flashback… 7 more words

How Deep is your Love?

The ones, who would give up their life for a person they love, are truly remarkable. I wonder how they could do it. Not because I’m afraid of dying, but because they died… 148 more words