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It seems the woods draw closer in the evenings.
Falling light, falling dark, falling like the
Fresh cut hay, when – up looms the wood line, 202 more words


To Drop The Rope

We are often tightly bound to our past, certain thoughts and states of soul. Some of our memories from the past follow us all our life. 730 more words

Punky Funky Stuff

Toxoplasmosis Scare

Turns out the “cat parasite” toxoplasma gondii that doctors warn you about and why pregnant woman should refrain from scooping the litter box is actually more commonly gotten by eating under-cooked or handling raw meat improperly. 381 more words

LilMama's Ramblings

Sandy, The Grouchy Dog

Once there was a dog named Sandy. He wasn’t very big, but he had a big bark. So much in fact, he scared everyone in the neighborhood. 187 more words


50 Word Stories: The Sound of Midnight

The ghosts and the goblins, the witches and the hags, they hide in the dungeons, graveyards and sewers. You won't see them, but you'll feel them massing like an evil tide. 20 more words


Hugh Jackman Undergoes Another Skin Cancer Treatment [Pic]

Cancer can be a scary, and no one is immune to it, even the most loved and amazing “super heroes”. In an article from The Huffington Post… 88 more words



A firing star, a burning scar_

Of love and lost.

O’yes, you are!