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It has been a while since I’ve been procrastinating the whole journal thing. I’ll just put up excuses every single time I thought about writing in the journal. 157 more words


Who I Am

There’s a hole where my heart should be
And no one seems to see it but me
But that’s no big surprise
Considering who I am… 122 more words


Just read it...

Lonely is one of the worst things a person can be. I don’t mean that you’re a bad person if you’re lonely. What I’m saying is that being lonely is a horrible feeling and sadly, it’s a feeling that everyone has experienced. 308 more words


I Left Therapy


3 words I never imagined I would write; “I left therapy”.

How do I feel? Free. Sat in my therapist’s chair bought up a tonne of emotions. 478 more words

Daily Dose

Why would anyone want to hack me?

Today I got an email from Amazon saying something about the prize of my Amazon prime subscription. “Oh cool, Amazon Prime… when did I get Amazon prime”? 228 more words


A letter to men

I am not scared of men
I am not scared of that friendly guy
On the train
Or at my job
I have never looked at someone’s face… 83 more words