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Will I make it?

Will I make it?
As the anxiety tries to cave in…
I just wanted to feel assured that I can make it.
I wanted to feel that I still have a backbone to lean on because I am scared. 387 more words

A Heavy Subject

Hey there Ladies!!!! I was born at 30 weeks gestation and was pretty healthy up until the age of 3 when I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). 881 more words



I saw her walking

Broken nose

Bruised face

She seemed defeated

I walked up to her

She looked me in the eyes

She was broken… 171 more words

Dream diaries




I was starring in a film; it felt so real that i got scared and locked myself a room; closed my eyes. When i opened my eyes, i was wrapped around in Sheldon’s arms.


Can't breathe

I flip back and forth between love and fear

Between bold and cold, between cloudy and clear

Open my mouth and nothing comes out

But inside you can hear screams and shouts… 41 more words

Life In General

Going Back to Work?

My car wreck, when I drove my car off the road and checked myself into the loony bin was all the way back in September 19th.  648 more words


Meat Ghost - Post 59

Hey Hunnybuns, (please see end of post if you are also not doing well, it helped me)

So i am on my second day of being signed off sick, after the news of possibly losing my job and some problems at work with concentration i had some rather large depressive tendencies, (more than usual) i have been having suicidal thoughts, and i have struggled to get out of bed for more than an hour a time, i’m not even sure why i’m writing this to be honest, in the past the depression would fade away after a day or two and the thoughts subside, i was always to much of a coward to kill myself, all i could think about is how much is this going to hurt? 765 more words

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