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A Bear in Midair! Look, Over There!

If this were the Olympics, this tumbling bear would get a perfect 10.

The 200-pound black bear had been caught prowling around residence halls at the University of Colorado-Boulder, 30 miles northwest of Denver. 270 more words


Alaskan Survives on Frozen Beer for Three Days While Stuck in Snowdrift

Clifton Vial wound up stuck in a snowdrift off a rural highway in eastern Alaska, his truck lacking the usual survival necessities. All that lay in the back was a few cans of Coors Light, frozen solid. 290 more words


Drunk Moose Gets Stuck in an Apple Tree. And There's Photographic Evidence.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. We just hope he had a fun night prior to this unfortunate walk of shame. 219 more words