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I preferred us when my father was away

Dear Birgit,

The Mussel Feast, tr. Jamie Bulloch (2013. Original: Das Muschelessen, 1990) is a novella about the collapse of a man’s rule over his family during the course of an evening. 1,566 more words

Scarlet Letters

My Year in Nonfiction 2018 | Biographies

Hi, folks!

Continuing with the discussion started in the previous post, about nonfiction trends in my reading this year,  I’ve also noticed that I read a good amount of biographical books about… 2,931 more words

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My Year in Nonfiction 2018 | 18th-century women writers

Hi, folks,

I am late to the game, but I am discussing here the first prompt of Nonfiction November, posted during week 1 and hosted by Kim at  3,033 more words

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She regarded life as an expedition into the unknown,

Dear Erika,

I was not planning to read yet another book about you, nor anything related to the Mann family, but Gunna Wendt’s Erika und Therese: Erika Mann und Therese Giehse – Eine Liebe zwischen Kunst und Krieg… 555 more words

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O cursed human voice, violin of flesh and blood,

Dear Violet,

The short-story “A Wicked Voice”, published in the collections Hauntings (1890) and The Virgin of the Seven Daggers (1962, posthumously published), combines elements of a Faustian pact, a bewitching Sirens’ song, and a fall from grace, so as to convey one’s own enslavement through art. 1,147 more words

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Panic calls out cowardice, and cowardice cruelty

Dear Elizabeth,

The novella Lois the Witch (1859) is a fictionalised account of the Salem witch hunt, as well as a sharp meditation on the thin line between virtue and sin. 2,079 more words

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This look of sadness would last perhaps for a minute

Dear Amy,

Jill (1884) is a fast-pacing coming of age story with subtle social commentary and strong feminist undertones.

The novel centres on the eponymous heroine, Jill, the strong-minded, tomboyish daughter of a well-to-do squire. 559 more words

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